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did you know...
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... that David Duchovny (X-Files) taught her how to play baseball??

... that she was already 6 feet tall when she was only 16??

... that even though she is mistaken for Canadian, she is really British??

... that can speak German? Unmoglich!!

... that Claire gave 'Cupid' a kiss he'll never forget?? Not only was this lucky Xena fan kissed by her, but he even chatted alone with her in an elavator and ate breakfast with her!  Click here for details...

... that Claire's boyfriend loves Xena so much that he can't separate Xena & Lucy?

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Height: 6'
Eyes: Hazel/Green
Hair: Brunette
Date of birth: August 27th
Born in: London, England
Lives In: Los Angeles, CA
Family Parents divorced
Father remarried
A step brother and sister from mother-in-law
Mother lives in Canada
Dog she adopted named Dino
Schooling London Central School of Drama


alti appearances on Xena:WP
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In The Sin Trade
Parts 1 & 2
4.1 - 4.2
The Lines
Them Bones
Them Bones

Read more about our favorite villianess ...

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"I can't say #@#@$'ed up anymore, so Sharon Delaney said I could say 'Claired' up instead!"
Claire at Cherry Hill Xena Con

"While my boyfriend and I were golfing with Lucy Lawless, I kept trying to tell him that Xena and Lucy are not the same. But then we turned around and there was Lucy, spinning two golf clubs just like Xena. My boyfriend goes "See!! She is Xena!"
Claire at Cherry Hill Xena Con

"I want to feel every delicious moment of your pain." (Click to hear...)
Alti in Between the Lines, X;WP

"I want to tap into the heard of darkness, the shear naked will behind all cravings, hatred, and violence. I'll become the face of death itself. Capable of destroying not only a person's body, but their souls. Help me, and I'll make you the Destroyer of Nations."
Alti in Adv. In The Sin Trade 1, X:WP

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Television Appearances

Ned & Stacey The X-Files Cybil Route 66 Twin Peaks
Love is Strange Two of a Kind Frasier Raven The Flash
Platypus Man Xena: Warrior Princess Sibs

Big Screen Appearances

Drop Zone Sweepers Steel Mindripper Best of the Best II
Lunchtime Special Darkdrive Sensation In Search of Alexander The Favor
The Doors The Deodorant Salesman Breaks a Sweat Nervous Ticks


convention appearances
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San Francisco, CA October 1998

Santa Monica, CA January 1999

Minneapolis, Minnesota July 1999

Cherry Hill, New Jersey August 1999

Las Vegas, California November 1999

Decatur, Illinois November 1999

Chicago, Illinois November 1999

Hopefully Many More....

Cupid Kiss

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Stephanie's Claire Page


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