Did You Know....

... that Ebonie's stunt double as M'Lila was a boy?
... that she rewrote a verse of Fever just for Xena fans?
... that she is so glad to have such a loving and supportive family?
...that Ebonie was in the Jackson movie as LaToya and her mother
   Michelle played Mrs. Jackson?
... that her father is a police officer?

Convention Appearances

Ebonie is introduced at Creation Conventions by the Xena music
video salute to Xena's mentors "Kind and Generous" by Natalie Merchant 
put together by the Xenaversity's very own Matt Savelkoul!!

Besides Fever, Ebonie has performed these songs at cabarets:
Our Love Is Here To Stay 
After You Get What You Want (Marilyn Monroe)
You'd Be Surprised (Marilyn Monroe)

Cupid Kiss


"Xena: Warrior Princess" (1995) M'Lila
"Bold and the Beautiful, The" (1987) TV Series .... Laticia
Lethal Weapon 1,2,3,4 (1998) .... Carrie Murtaugh 
Jacksons: An American Dream, The (1992) (TV) .... La Toya 
"Wake, Rattle & Roll" (1990) TV Series .... K.C. 
"Family Matters" (1989) TV Series .... Penny
Women of Brewster Place, The (1989) (TV) .... Little Ciel
"General Hospital" (1963) TV Series .... Susan "Susie" Matthews
"Jeffersons, The" (1975) TV Series .... Jessica Jefferson 
"Smart Guy" (1997) playing "Dana" 
"Hang Time" (1995) playing "Rose" 
"Parent 'Hood, The" (1995) playing "Alysha"
"Thea" (1993) playing "Marcella"

Lyrics to Ebonie's 'FEVER'

"Xena had a friend named Gabrielle,
They would travel everywhere.
Kicking butt and saving lives now,
don't they make a lovely pair?

They give you fever!
Fever when they're fighting,
Fever when they're having fun,
Fever burns like lightning,
Oh Xena, you're the only one..."


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