"Here Comes Trouble!"

She probably would've grown up like any other child back then, possibly even a lot like Gabrielle herself. Unfortunately the Fates had an alternate route for this young girl and the person who would lead her down this dark path would be Xena herself! This is the story of Callisto!

Getting into

Callisto's Journey
Into Oblivion

Rest In Peace
The Hell she will!

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Getting Into Character

The character has been seen in many forms on Xena Warrior Princess. First and foremost as the Warrior Queen herself, Callisto. Callisto went from mortal warrior, to immortal warrior to Goddess! But we've also had the opportunity to see her as XENA herself and THE FOOL from Illusia. On Hercules, she's played LIZ FRIEDMAN, producer of Hercules, in 2 episodes. After finally finding peace in oblivion, we will still continue to see the face of Callisto all around!

Callisto's Journey To Oblivion

Our first appearance of the Warrior Queen was a renegade blond warrior claiming to be Xena the Warrior Princess who had gone back to her evil ways. Of course, this drew out the real Xena and that's when we learn the tale of Callisto. She was a victim of Xena's tyranny on a village called Cirra over 10 years ago. Xena & her army had burned the village to the ground and left no survivors in Callisto's family except herself. Bent on revenge, Callisto followed the same psychotic path as the early Xena and wanted her revenge. Callisto is the true first time that Xena sees the fruits of her evil ways, proving she will never be able to seek full retribution. Xena battles her perfectly matched nemesis with sword play and eventually on the balance of ladders. Callisto is defeated & imprisoned, but not forgotten.

Return of Callisto
Just when things were going great for our Gabrielle, Callisto shows up and ruins everything. Gabrielle had just reunited with her bethrothed Perdicas and had married him. The next day, Callisto killed him right in front of Gabrielle. Gabrielle tossed her morals and pacifism aside and wanted revenge. Xena tried to stop her, but Gabrielle got as far as a knife to Callisto's throat, but couldn't do it. Xena & Callisto fought each other in chariots and ended the battle with both of them slowly sinking in quicksand. Xena used her chakram & whip to escape, but decided not to help Callisto as she slipped underneath the quicksand and died.

Intimate Stranger
Now here's where Callisto's bond with the Gods start. Ares, God of War, sees Callisto as the Xena he used to know. Seeing how he can't turn Xena, he allows her to haunt Xena's dreams with guilt of letting her die. Xena confronts her on the dream plane, but loses and Callisto takes over her body while she's trapped in Tartarus. Callisto almost kills Argo and recruits a new army to attack Amphipolis, Xena's hometown. Joxer & Gabrielle attempt to stop her when a person claiming to be Xena in Callisto's body appears on their side. Apparently Xena had one day to stop Callisto or she'd return to Tartarus. She gets that chance and Callisto dies AGAIN, but this time in Xena's body! Xena finds herself permanently trapped in Callisto's body. She thought retribution was hard before.

10 Little Soldiers
Okay, for all intents and purposes, Callisto is not in this episode. She's dead. But we do SEE her, or Xena in her body, try & help Ares restore his godhood. Xena does get her body back in the end though. 

Surprise (Hercules Episode)
Seeing her evil potential, the Goddess Hera promises Callisto freedom from Tartarus and immortality if she can kill Hercules. Callisto ends up poisoning Hercules entire family and then letting Hercules know that the only thing that will save them is the fruit from the Tree of the Gods. They fight their way through a booby-trapped labyrinth, but eventually they find the Tree. Here Callisto eats an apple and becomes immortal and turns on Hercules  trying  to kill him. He's able to get a piece of an apple and trap Callisto inside the room with the burning tree. Callisto doesn't die, but is scarred across the face.

A Necessary Evil
Velasca was temporary queen of the Amazons until Gabrielle turns up after Xena died and reclaimed the title. Velasca was killed in the same chamber that Xena was resurrected in with a piece of Ambrosia, food of the Gods. Velasca would've died had she not also found a piece of Ambrosia and ate it herself. She now was a God and Xena could think of only one way to fight another immortal, with the immortal Callisto. Hercules had told her how & where he trapped her. After freeing her, Callisto agreed to fight her, only because she wanted Velasca's Ambrosia. Xena tricked Callisto & Velasca into fighting over a lava pit. Callisto got hold of some of the Ambrosia and it was Goddess vs. Goddess, until Xena cut the ropes and they were both trapped in the lava pit. For how long.....?

Maternal Instincts
Several episodes ago, Gabrielle gave birth to the demon child of Dahak. Believing the child to still have some good in it, she hid her infant 'Hope' from Xena and led Xena to believe she was dead. In a matter of months, the child had grown to the size of an 8-9 year old girl. Hope stands above the precipice where a lava pit once flowed and uses her demonic powers to free the Goddess Callisto from it. In return, Callisto helped Hope wreak havok on Xena & Gabrielle while they visit the Centaurs and Xena's son Solan. Gabrielle discovers who Hope is and doesn't tell Xena. Hope kills Kaleipus and then Solan. Xena finds her son dead and battles Callisto and ends up burying her under a mountain. Out of guilt, Gabrielle poisons Hope and almost herself. Gabrielle & Xena part ways after watching the funeral pyres of both of their children.

Armageddon Now Part 1 (Hercules Episode)
The episode opens with the ashes of Hope reforming back into herself. This now charred-version of Hope frees Callisto again and offers her an opportunity to change her fate. Callisto & Ares free the Sovereign (the evil Hercules from another dimension) and he leads Hercules & himself into a trap, back to the limbo he was trapped in before. Callisto is done playing Ms. Nice girl with Ares and wants the Hyde's blood he took from the Sovereign. She kills the God Stryfe with the Hyde's blood dagger and a battle ensues and Callisto loses, but Hope appears and re-energizes Callisto, who kicks Ares butt and takes the Hyde's blood.  After finding out that Hope sent Callisto back in time to kill Hercules before he was born, Iolaus convinces Ares to send him back to stop her.

Armageddon Now Part 2:
Iolaus is able to keep her busy, but Callisto ends up killing the pregnany Alcamede, changing history. Callisto then returns to Cirra while it is being attack by Xena. Iolaus follows and confronts Xena, but isn't able to get her help. Callisto can't convince her family & younger self that they must leave and she accidently kills her parents. She leaves her younger self to die, but Iolaus saves her. Iolaus now finds himself in the present where Xena the Conquerer rules the world.  Hercules, in limbo, is able to subtly communicate with Iolaus and suggests to him what to do. He steals the Chronus Stone from her and goes back in time again to save Alcamede, and this time succeeds. Time reverts to normal and Iolaus finds himiself about to be bar-b-qued by Callisto for changing time so she can't save her parents. Hercules frees himself from limbo and traps Callisto there instead. Hercules take the dagger with Hyde's blood on it and drives it into the stone wall. Hope watches over them as the scene fades away.

Bitter Suite
Xena has snapped and attempts to kill Gabrielle for the death of her son. She fails and they both end up going over a cliff. Solan takes them to the magical place called Illusia to seal this rift between them. Xena awakens in Illusia with a kiss from Callisto? Ironically enough, Callisto is the Fool who is Xena's guide, while Joxer is Gabrielle's guide. It's a musical confrontation while Ares tempts Xena with evil and the villagers of Poteidia sway Gabrielle towards peace. Together, they face their demons from the past, Callisto, Ares, the Deliverer, Julius Caesar, Min Su and themselves. After realizing what Solan offered them, they realized their needless battle of hate and escaped Illusia, and death.

Sacrifice Part 1
Callisto escapes from limbo and finds that the Hyde's blood she had is gone. She ends up finding Hope instead, in a cocoon, transforming to a more powerful being. Xena & Gabrielle realize that worshippers are sprouting up everywhere for the resurrection of Hope and that Callisto is helping her. Surprisingly enough, Callisto is buried AGAIN by rocks and Xena almost kills Hope in her cocoon, but Ares has decided to be on her side and saves her. Xena & Gabrielle hunt down Ares' fortress and attemp one last time to kill Hope. Ares tells Gabrielle that he's calling in his debt; he wants Gabrielle to stop Xena, because if Hope dies, the Fates will cut Xena's lifeline. As Callisto arrives, Gabrielle does stop Xena and Hope emerges from her cocoon looking exactly like Gabrielle!

Sacrifice Part 2:
Hope battles Xena & Gabrielle, but is too weak, so Callisto takes them both away. Hope takes on Gabrielle's full appearance, clothes & all and attempts to trick Xena. En route, she encounters Joxer and realizes that Gabrielle loves Xena more than her. Hope searches for the Hyde's blood dagger but it is gone. She & Ares have teamed up & consumated, making Hope pregnant with 1 or 7 creatures called the Destroyers who will clear the world by killing all, making way for the coming of Hope's father, Dahak. Callisto doesn't get her payment from Hope and decides to be on Xena's side if she promises to kill her with the dagger. Xena, Callisto & Gabrielle attack the temple of Dahak where Joxer is also prisoner, but voluntarily so. He snuck in the dagger and tossed it to Xena. She lurches toward Hope while Callisto attacks Ares. Hope tries to hold Xena back, but starts to fall back. Gabrielle realizes Xena will die if she kills Hope, so she tackles Hope into a fiery lava pit, plunging them both to their deaths. Xena is in shock as Callisto laughs at the irony of Gabrielle's death. Out of pure anger, Xena lunges the Hyde's blood dagger into Callisto's abdomen and she finally gets her oblivion. Callisto dies, Ares vanishes and Joxer & Xena are left with no Gabrielle. Rest In Peace Callisto??

Rest In Peace? The Hell She Will!

The Return of Callisto, Again!
The Ides of March
All Callisto wanted was oblivion, so that she wouldn't have to 'feel' anymore, which is what you continue to do in Tartarus. She did surpass Tartarus when Xena thrust the dagger into her abdomen, but as she states "I was judged by a higher power, and I didn't get off that easily." The higher power we're presuming is 'heavenly' in nature, but that hasn't been elaborated yet. All we know is that Callisto went to hell, where it makes Tartarus look like the Elysian Fields. Apparently this is where she lost all her hair too!! She ends up serving 'The Lord' of Hell (can you say Satan?) which leads her to confronting Xena again. She was given a mission to get Xena off her Way of the Warrior. It must be a spiritual conquest and she must not physically harm Xena. Her 2nd mission was to see to it that Julius Caesar becomes Emperor. Well, Callisto did lose it when she couldn't sway Xena, so she paralized Xena by striking her in the back with her chakram. Xena & Gabrielle were then crucified & died. But at that same time, Brutus had murdered Caesar, so Callisto failed in her 2nd mission as well. What does that mean for her? Her mission wasn't a complete loss. I'm sure 'Her Lord' will like that fact that Gabrielle left her way of love to killing oncoming attackers on the paralized Xena. But we'll see. I'm just glad my favorite psycho-blond is back!!

A Family Member Not BBQ'd? (Spoiler!)

Thanks to a mistake on the writer's part, Callisto now has a sister. How is that so? Well, I think it's rather interesting. They will create a sister, even though, except the one time, a sister has never been mentioned. She obviously survived the burning of Cirra, as did our Callisto. But how come she didn't know? Callisto will be on Xena & Hercules Season 5, so I'm sure we'll find out what we need to know!!

"Here Comes Some Quotes..."

The most memorable quote for our Callisto in "A Necessary Evil" when she becomes a Goddess... ."Here comes trouble.."

"Love to chat, but gotta go!"