Kevin was born on Sept.24 1958 in Mound Minnesota. He is one of five children, his siblings include three brothers and one sister.  He attended
the University of Minnesota where he majored in marketing and advertising, but spent much of his time hanging out in the theater dept. After college
he moved to Dallas where he studied acting and launched a career in modeling and commercials. Through out his career Kevin has done over 150
commercials of them anything from Diet Coke to Prell shampoo. Kevin also has had many roles in TV and movies before landing the role of Hercules.

On January 5th 1998 Kevin married Sam Jenkins who he had met when she had a guest appearance on Hercules. Kevin is also the national spokes person
for "A World Fit For Kids" an organization dedicated to helping children help themselves through a mentoring program.


Kevin first had dreams of acting at age 11 when he saw a high school performance of Oklahoma.

Kevin auditioned for the roles of Fox Mulder on X-files and Superman on Lois and Clark.

Kevin is a huge sports fan an played baseball, basketball and football in college.

Kevin is 6 foot 3 inches tall and weighs 215 lbs.

Favorite color: blue

Favorite music group: The Eagles

Favorite foods: Spaghetti, lasagna and carmel corn



Santa Barbara-1986

The Commish-1991

Murder She Wrote-1993


Xena Warrior Princess-1995

Hercules: The legendary Journeys-1995

Christmas In The Park-1996



HBO's First and Ten-unknown


Condition Critical-1992

Slaughter Of Innocents-1994

Hercules And The Amazon Women-1994

Hercules And The Lost kingdom-1994

Hercules And The Circle Of Fire-1994

Hercules In The Underworld-1994

Hercules In The Maze of the Minotaur-1994


1997-1st annual Hercules and Xena convention, Burbank Calif.

1997-Hercules and Xena convention, Minneapolis Minnesota

1999-Hercules and Xena convention, Santa Monica Calif.

2000-Hercules and Xena convention, Pasadena Calif.