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• Ted Raimi confirmed a rumor about Gabrielle becoming a mermaid. In that episode, she forgets who she is and thinks she's married to Joxer!

• Ted also confirmed that Joxer gets poisoned this season on the brink of death.

• Danielle Cormack said in Chicago that they asked her to come back to play a 300 year old lady. She said she would, but the problem was that Lucy also wanted the part... hmmm, we'll see....

• Will we see Athena on Xena? Something to do with the birth of Xena's baby ( a baby GIRL that is!) Is Eve her name?

• Zeus, Hera, Hercules, Eli, and Ares will all be present for the birth of Xena's child. Talk about your Kodak Moments!!!

• So, Callisto is an angel now, but there's rumors arousing that she will return to Earth and fight ALONG SIDE Gabrielle to save Xena!! Something about a new villian who uses chakrams in the classical sense (spinning them on their finger and tossing them, razor sharp, can't be caught) Sounds good to me!!! Can't get enough Hudson.... or Callisto.....

JUNE 22nd, 1999 UPDATE

• Okay, this SPOILER is a doozy and it's not confirmed, so keep that in mind. It definitely makes more sense though about the fact that Amarice will be around for several episodes in Season 5! So what is the rumor? That Amarice is CALLISTO'S LONG LOST SISTER??!!!

JUNE 9th, 1999 UPDATE

• A new episode was named for 5th Season: BACK IN THE BOTTLE

• Did you get to see the controversial X:WP THE WAY?? Well, watch for it's run in syndication this summer! Keep your fingers crossed!


• Jay Laga'aia, who played DRACCO on Xena:WP, has signed on to be in the next Xena Musical!! Apparently he can sing!! Cool, it'll be nice to see him back

XENA AND GABRIELLE, not separate, not with any help from a God of War, will revisit China! Hmmm, Lao Ma?

AMERICE, the rebellious Amazon, will be in several more episodes of X:WP. Apparently Jennifer Sky, the actress, signed up for seven more appearances on the show. I hope her character evolves!

• Not really Xena Episode related, but since TOPPS dropped the ball on the Xena Fan Magazine (printing only 4 issues) apparently the ball was picked up again and the first issue of the NEW OFFICIAL XENA MAGAZINE will be out October 1st 1999!! It'll reveal alot about Season 5. I for one can't wait. I loved the old magazine!!

MAY 31st, 1999 UPDATE

• ALTI will for sure be back in Season 5 in an episode called THEM BONES THEM BONES. Apparently, a young amazon resurrects her from her bones..... Alright!! Great news since she was knocked out of IDES....

• GABRIELLE will finally be ditching the the Rainbow Connection Outfit to something a little more "Warrior" with leather!! More changes in store for our bard... she still is a bard, right??


• Season 4 ended with the much anticipated crucifixtion scene, and thus the death of our two heroines.... but how will they return? According to Sharon Delaney, here are the titles of the first three episodes of Season 5: FALLEN ANGEL, CHAKRAM AND SUCCESSION. I can't wait to get the history of the round killing thing!

• There will be a new MALE love interest for Xena Season 5, maybe the father of Xena's baby?

• Okay, we didn't get to see Gina Torres last season, but look out CLEOPATRA fans, she will be back Season 5.

• I don't think any of us were worried about seeing Joxer or Autolycus again, but we weren't too sure about ARES, ELI or CALLISTO. Well, for the record, YES, YES and YES!!!!

• Joxer and his brothers JETT & JACE will both be making an appearance. Is this the cross dressing brother we heard about? We'll see..


• Unfortunately ALTI won't be making an appearance before Season 4 ends... That's ok, the spotlight can go totally to CALLISTO! Why is CALLISTO back? Apparently to corrupt XENA while making CAESAR Emperor!

• So how exactly will LUCY LAWLESS cover up that fact that the Warrior Princess isn't really pregnant, just the actress? Well maybe they'll write it into the story! XENA has descendants so she must get pregnant again in the future (past). Xena, this time, don't tell ALTI!!

HERCULES is only slated for 8 episodes for Season 6. This could be it for the Legendary Journeys. But he won't go out with a bang. ROBERT TREBOR (SALMONEOUS) and BRUCE CAMPBELL (AUTOLYCUS) both might be appearing in Season 6 before it goes....


• Does our favorite Amazon Queen fill-in finally lose to the Fates? It's rumored that EPHINY will be visiting the Elysian Fields sooner rather than later....

• Well Season 5 may suffer a little if our LUCY LAWLESS is expecting!! Entertainment Tonite said that Lucy is two months along!! It may be a Xena-lite season.. but maybe Hudson will fill her shoes...

GABBY without her little stick, riding on her own horse? Maybe in season 5!!!

• A Bitter Suite 2? Well, it will be hard to follow up on the first, but maybe... season 5!

Three of Xena's worst foes, some thought dead? ALTI / CALLISTO / CAESAR Together?

• Not only do we see CALLISTO return, but apparently she finds out that a CLOSE relative survived Cirra's inferno as well!! God I love spoilers!!

• Not really Xena related, but it's where she got her start. Is HERCULES on it's last season? It looks like YOUNG HERCULES is for sure. XENA is for sure going a 5th season.

• Who dies before Season 4 ends? One of them is related to CAESAR, and the other one.... CAESAR???

JOXER does something we've never seen him do... KILL. We've seen how Gabby deals with losing her blood innocence, how about Joxer?