Orphan of War 2.1 Orphan Of War
1st Airdate:
September 30th, 1996
Writer: Steven L. Sears
Guest Appearances:
Kaleipus ~ Paul Gittins
Solan ~ David Taylor



Xena arrives at the edge of Centaur lands in search of a warlord called Dagnen who was once a member of her army. She is certain he is searching for a stone that contains all the evil of the Centaur race in the hope it will bring him massive powers. After a fight with his men, she has a tense meeting with a Centaur named Calipus to whom she had made a promise never return to his lands many years before. At the end of the meeting, a young boy jumps down from the trees and tries to attack her - after he is called off by Calipus, Xena confesses to Gabrielle that the boy, Solon, is her son. Having promised the Centaurs that they will help with the fight against Dagnen, Gabrielle and Xena are welcomed into the Centaur village. Meanwhile Dagnen is using the services of a warlock with a home made telescope to try and find out what Xena is up to and catches a piece of the conversation about her son. Dagnen kidnaps the boy and holds him captive in his camp, and of course Xena comes to rescue him. During the rescue attempt, Xena and Solon find themselves in the Ixion Caverns, the place the mythical stone is supposed to be and are pursued by Dagnen. They discover the stone had been found and hidden elsewhere by Solon's father, and proceed to escape. In the process, Solon drops his father's sword and the handle breaks open revealing the stone which falls into Dagnen's hands. Dagnen makes an elixir my melting the stone and drinks it and becomes the evil Centaur described by myth, and proceeds to attack the Centaur village. If this review has yet to be written, YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO WRITE IT!!
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