Xena Scrolls 2.10 The Xena Scrolls
1st Airdate:
January 13th, 1997
Writer: Adam Armus & Nora Kay Foster
Guest Appearances:
Jacques S'er ~ Ted Raimi
Ares ~ Kevin Smith
Executive ~ Robert Tapert



Macedonia 1942: Leading archiologist Janice Covington (Renee O'Connor) is supervising a dig hunting for the legendary Xena Scrolls, a fragment of which her father, an infamous tombrobber found many years before. She seems close to a solution but keeps getting distracted from the dig by various parties trying to get in on the action. One of these, with a seemingly genuine offer of help, is one Melinda Papus (Lucy Lawless) who's father was a leading archeologist and who has a significant experience in translating old writtings. Jacques S'er appears on the scene, seemingly from the French governemtn to help Janice Covington. After re-interpreting the fragment Janice's father discovered to point out that Xena was dark haired, and it was Callisto who was blonde, she reads a tablet found outside a sealed tomb and manages to open it's lock. Being shepherded at gun point my a dodgy Englishman called Smythe and his henchmen, Janice and Mel enter the tomb. Mel manages to trip several of the traps set within the tomb to discourage grave robbers, and is instructed to sit down. As she does so, she triggers the repository of the scrolls to swing open. Collecting the scrolls, and finding one half of Xena's Chakram (which only Mel can remove), they try to leave only to be threatened once again by Smythe and his men. Running from them Janice, Mel and Jacques S'er find themselves in a large cavern with a coffin prominently placed in the centre. From this tomb arises Ares, the god of war, who had been imprisoned there by Xena. When the Chakram is reassembled from its two parts, Mel becomes inhabited by the spirit of Xena, and tries to fight Ares and prevent his release into the world again. If this review has yet to be written, YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO WRITE IT!!
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