pic 2.11 Here She Comes... Miss Amphipolis
1st Airdate:
January 20th, 1997
Writer: Chris Manheim
Guest Appearances:
Miss Artyphus ~ Geoff Gann
Salmoneous ~ Robert Trebor



Salmoneus summons Xena and Gabrielle to come to his aid; telling them it's hugely important and their help is needed to stop
a war. As they walk along a beach, they discover a group of beauties in skimpy costumes being attacked by some thugs. Xena sees off the thugs with some spirited use of seashells. Somewhat to their annoyance they discover that what Salmoneus is refering to is a beauty pagent he's involved in organizing which is being sabotaged, bringing three local chieftans to the point of war. Each is certain that the girl he is sponsoring is the most beautiful and will win, and blames the others for the attacks. Seeking a cover story, Xena posses as a contestant, Miss Amphipolis, while Grabrielle becomes "The Marquesa", her sponsor. The confusing aspect however is that all of the chieftans appear to be almost equally as outraged as each other, and as each progressive attack happens threaten a more extreme response. Meantime, Xena discovers an unexpected ally amongst the ranks of the competitors and starts to understand each of the girls reasons for taking part.
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