Destiny 2.12 Destiny
1st Airdate:
January 27th, 1997
Writer: R.J. Stewart & Steven L. Sears
Guest Appearances:
M'Lila ~ Ebonie Smith
Julius Caesar ~ Karl Urban
Niklio ~Nathaniel Lees



Xena decides to face some of her internal demons by visiting the ruins of the city Cirra where fire took hold during the attack of her army. Leaving Gabrielle on the hillside, she rides down into the town and sees visions of the past including a blonde teenager asking why which we can only assume is Callisto. Returning to the hillside, Xena discovers that Gabrielle is gone, and since her staff is still lying there assumes she's been captured. Xena duely finds Gabrielle and some other women and children who are capitives of a tribe of canibals and proceeds to free them. After escaping they are ambushed again and Xena is fatally wounded by a trap. She tells Gabrielle that her only hope lies with a healer who lives on Mount Nestus. As Gabrielle struggles to get Xena to the healer, we see the story of Xena's encounter with Julius Caesar and the effect it had on her life. It tells of her capture of Caesar, their quick love affair and his betrayal. Xena was mounted on a cross and had her legs crushed. M'lila saves her and takes her to the healer Niklio. Soon after, Caesar's men find them and kill Malila. Xena declares this is the first day of an all new all deadly Xena! Unfortunately in the present, the healer is unable to help and Xena dies... Part one of a two part story. If this review has yet to be written, YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO WRITE IT!!
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