The Quest 2.13 The Quest
1st Airdate:
February 3rd, 1997
Writer: Steven L. Sears
Guest Appearances:
Autolycus ~ Bruce Campbell
Velasca ~ Melinda Clarke
Ephiny ~ Danielle Cormack
Iolaus ~ Michael Hurst
Xenan ~ Alexander Tant



Having promised Xena to return her body to her home village of Amphipolis should she die, Gabrielle sets off to do her bidding. Along the way, she is attacked by a gang of thugs who want to claim a ransom for Xena's dead body, and she fights them off, latterly aided by Iolaus. After telling him the sad news, she continues on her way until once again stopped, this time by the more friendly Amazons who wish to salute Xena and offer a traditional Amazonian funeral pyre. Meantime, the King of Thieves is stealing the dagger of Helios, and discovers that the spirit of Xena is exerting influence over his actions. Gabrielle discovers that she's offically the new Amazon Queen, a title she's unwilling to take until Ephiny explains that the current acting Queen (Velasca) is very warlike and plans to start a battle with the Centaurs. Caught up in trying to stop the war, Gabrielle decides to become Queen and to accept the Amazons offer of a Funeral Pyre. Meantime Autolycus arrives and has to steal Xena's body before it gets burnt. He succeeds and Gabrielle joins him in the quest to find Ambrosia to restore Xena's spirit and body into a single whole; unfortunately Velasca is on their trail and realizes that they know how to obtain the Ambrosia. Soon Gabrielle (controlled by Xena) and Velasca are locked in a to the death struggle to obtain the Ambrosia. Velasca reaches the Ambrosia, but she drops it, it hits Gabrielle in the chest and falls into the fire below. Gabrielle causes Velasca to lose her hold and she falls to her death. Gabrielle goes to Xena's body and feeds her a piece of Ambrosia that caught in her bosom. Xena rises from the dead, thanks to the Amazons, Autolycus and especially Gabrielle. In the end, Velasca's hand reaches up and grabs a piece of Ambrosia. If this review has yet to be written, YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO WRITE IT!!
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