Necessary Evil 2.14 A Necessary Evil
1st Airdate:
February 10th, 1997
Writer: Paul Robert Coyle
Guest Appearances:
Velasca ~ Melinda Clarke
Ephiny ~ Danielle Cormack
Callisto ~ Hudson Leick



The Amazons prepare to crown a new queen who by custom should be Gabrielle but Gabrielle decides that Ephiny should be queen in her place. Ephiny agrees but only on the condition that she is regent for Gabrielle. Suddenly a desperately injured Velasca appears and in front of the assembled Amazons, eats a piece of Ambrosia and becomes a god. When the Amazons turn against her following Ephiny's orders, she starts striking out with explosive flames from her finger tips. After a few short minutes of fighting, they all flee leaving Velasca in the burning ruins of the Amazon village. With Velasca now a god, Xena reasons that she needs an immortal to fight an immortal and much to Gabrielle's horror decides that Callisto is the only choice. Callisto has been trapped by Hercules in the ruins of a ramsacked temple where she ate the fruit of the gods, becoming immortal. Having pursuaded Callisto to help them in exchange for giving her Ambrosia, the three of them prepare to face Velasca, but not before Callisto forces Xena to make a public confession about her crimes. Coming face to face with Velasca in a canyon where her lightning bolts won't do too much damage, they start a fight with her. Callisto true to form attempts to change sides and form an alliance with Velasca, who merely tries to kill her. Mildly offended by this Callisto decides to attack Velasca as per the original plan, and she is trapped under a rockslide. This however is not enough to hold her for long and Xena plans to face her a second time in a ruined temple near a lava pit, in which she hopes to trap Velasca, and with luck Callisto as well. Gabrielle has the Ambrosia and is on the bridge above a lava pit. Xena tells Gabrielle to give Callisto the Ambrosia and she does. Now Callisto and Velasca battle one on one while Xena swings to save Gabrielle. Then they cut the ropes and Callisto and Velasca fall into the lava pit, finding themselves unable to escape. If this review has yet to be written, YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO WRITE IT!!
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