A Day In The Life 2.15 A Day In The Life
1st Airdate:
February 17th, 1997
Writer: Paul Robert Coyle
Director: Michael Hurst
Guest Appearances:
Minya ~ Alison Wall
Gareth ~ Jim Ngaata



A diary of an ordinary day with the Warrior Princess. The day starts with a dawn attack from the army of a local warlord, during which time their frying pan becomes rather damaged, a fact that Gabrielle is deeply annoyed about. In the process they discover that the warlord is planning to sack a nearby village and decide to stop him, however en route they meet a villager who asks them for help protecting his village from a giant. They decide to help the village under attack from the giant instead although Xena has high hopes of being able to stop both. While he's showing them the way, the villager, Hawer, falls instantly in love with Xena. Xena sends him off on an errand to deliver a cryptic message to the warlord. Arriving at the village they meet another villager, Minya, who is also Hawer's girlfriend and decide to distract her enthusiasm by asking her to fill a bathtub for them. Pretty soon both the warlord and the giant are converging on the village and Xena is trying to get a homemade kite to fly in hopes of catching Zeus' lightning to destroy the giant Gareth. By doing so, she's honoring a debt to her deceased friend Goliath because Gareth killed his family. Minya becomes jealous of Xena and with some advice and a newly acquired whip (Gabrielle exchanged Xena's whip for a new frying pan), Minya battles the warlord when he confronts Xena about sending the giant to stomp his army. Minya wins and Xena leads Gareth into a trap that ends with his being struck by lightning. If this review has yet to be written, YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO WRITE IT!!
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