For Him The Bell Tolls 2.16 For Him The Bell Tolls
1st Airdate:
February 24th, 1997
Writer: Adam Armus & Nora Kay Foster
Guest Appearances:
Aphrodite ~ Alexandria Tydings
Joxer ~ Ted Raimi
Cupid ~ Karl Urban



When Xena is called away, Gabrielle bumps into Joxer and they travel together for a while. Encountering a group of girls being cornered by Slave Traders, Gabrielle steps in to fight and is astounded when Joxer suddenly puts on an incredible display of courage and skill. They discover that the group are a Princess and her close courtiers en route to a rendezvous with her lover, a Prince from the next Kingdom. When Joxer and the Princess inexplicably fall in love, Gabrielle becomes suspicious and begins to realize that the ringing of a bell transforms Joxer between his normal unco-ordinated self and the sauve swordsman he's become. Gabrielle does her best to keep them appart, but when the father of the jilted Prince sends out an army to capture Joxer and his companions, things take a turn for the worse. When he decrees that Joxer should be executed for his crimes, Gabrielle has to take on the Goddess of Love herself, Aphrodite, in order to set things straight again. If this review has yet to be written, YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO WRITE IT!!
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