The Execution 2.17 The Execution
1st Airdate:
April 7th, 1997
Writer: Paul Robert Coyle
Guest Appearances:
Meleagar ~ Tim Thomerson



Gabrielle receives word that her friend Meleager the Mighty needs her help, however when she and Xena arrive they discover that he has been arrested and has stood trial for murder and is sentanced to be hung. Gabrielle is convinced of his innocence, but Xena has her doubts particularly as the judge who tried him, Arbus, has a reputation as a fair and just man. Gabrielle desperate to save her friend breaks him out of jail, and is in her turn caught although he makes a getaway. Xena promises Arbus that she will return with Meleager, and she and Gabrielle set off to catch him. However when they do catch up with him, Gabrielle decides to try and stop Xena capturing him and taking him back to a certain death. When Xena gets past Gabrielle, she begins to realise that Meleager is a good fighter and when he tells her he let himself be captured so as not to injure innocent people, Xena becomes more unsure. Hearing his story again, Xena recognizes aspects of the man Meleager is supposed to have killed, and on seeing the man's sword, realizes that is was not Meleager but Xena herself who killed the man. If this review has yet to be written, YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO WRITE IT!!
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