Ulysses 2.19 Ulysses
1st Airdate:
April 21st, 1997
Writer: R.J. Stewart
Guest Appearances:
Ulysses ~ John D'Aquino
Penelope ~ Rachel Blakely
Poseidon ~ Charles Seibert (Voice)



Gabrielle is extolling the beauty of the seashore to Xena who is doing her best to appear unconvinced until she hears the sound of a battle in progress. She then sits back and enjoys watching the fight while it's only three against one, and the one seems to be winning. When a further dozen attackers appear to join the fray, Xena and Gabrielle even up the odds. Seeing off the attackers, Xena and Gabrielle find that the man they've saved is none other than Ulysses, King of Ithica trying to return home from the Trojan war. His ship has been captured by pirates loyal to Poseidon, the king of the sea. With Gabrielle pretending to be an exotic dancer, Xena and Ulysses climb onto the ship and soon the pirates have all been thrown overboard. They then set sail for Ithica, and en route they encounter the sirens - enchanting maidens whose singing lures unsuspecting (male) sailors onto the rocks. Meanwhile Ulysses and Xena start to develop a considerable affection for each other, Ulysses believing his wife Penelope to be dead. Arriving in Ithica, they save a man being attacked by thugs who turns out to be a childhood friend of Ulysses'. He tells Ulysses that the Queen is still alive but is being pestered by suitors at the Royal Court. With Xena and Gabrielle in disguise assisting him, Ulysses re-enters the Palace dressed as a peasant and takes the challenge Penelope has set to string a bow that has belonged to Ulysses' family for generations. He then reveals himself and proceeds to start a fight to remove all the suitors from the palace. Xena and Gabrielle join in and soon there is complete havoc. If this review has yet to be written, YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO WRITE IT!!
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