The Price 2.20 The Price
1st Airdate:
April 28th, 1997
Writer: Steven L. Sears
Guest Appearances:
Menticles ~ Paul Glover
Mercer ~ Charles Mesure
Garel ~ Tamati Rice



Xena and Gabrielle are fishing the conventional way with fishing lines, when Gabrielle catches a half-dead Athenian soldier with an axe buried in his ribcage. Xena is immediately panic stricken, and tells Gabrielle to run, but before they can get very far they are surrounded by savages from a tribe known as The Horde. Doubling back, Xena and Gabrielle take one of their canoes and head off down the river with only Xena's timely use of the chakram saving them from being caught. Xena tells Gabrielle of her previous encounter with the Horde and how they slaughtered a significant number of her army. They return to the canoe and continue down the river, feeling that they're being watched. They pass a river bank where a number of the Athenian army are stretched out and screaming on makeshift crosses; Gabrielle pleads with Xena to let her go and help but Xena refuses insisting that they're as good as dead. A soldier still on his feet swims out into the river, and catches hold of their canoe and they try to pull him in. Suddenly ahead they see the aura of a waterfall and head towards the bank; fortunately just as a group of soldiers from the Athenian garrison arrive. Returning with them to the garrison, Xena discovers a descimated and hopeless army based in the ruins of a castle -- she decides to try and rally them around her in order to survive. Meanwhile Gabrielle tries to do her best for the injured and dying. As Xena works on her plan to defend the garrison, Gabrielle starts to see the totally evil and ruthless side of Xena that made her into such a formidable warlord. When Xena refuses food for the injured and dying and starts torturing a prisoner she's taken, Gabrielle snaps and decides to follow her own lights rather than Xena's orders. Gabrielle goes outside with water to attend to the injured of the Horde, she initiates a ceasefire during which time both sides retrieve their injured from the battleground. In the process, Xena realises that Gabrielle is right that she needs to understand the enemy and tries an experiment with the captured savage. She releases him with a challenge for the leader of the Horde, and he comes forward to take part in a duel. When Xena defeats him, he is killed by his own side who then withdraw leaving the Athenians free to leave the besieged compound. If this review has yet to be written, YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO WRITE IT!!
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