Lost Mariner 2.21 The Lost Mariner
1st Airdate:
May 5th, 1997
Writer: Steven L. Sears
Guest Appearances:
Cecrops ~ Tony Todd



Xena and Gabrielle are shipwrecked after the boat they were travelling in is run onto the rocks by marauding pirates. Gabrielle is rescued by a boat and it's Captain, Cecrops. But Gabrielle recognizes the name immediately. She's on the cursed ship of the Lost Mariner. Poseidon cursed him to his boat, never to touch land. Athena had granted him immortality for pity of the love he lost. The curse is also extended to people they pick up too, so Gabrielle cannot leave. Xena makes it to land, but pirates attack her and she runs to the highest precipice of the island. From there, she somersaults (at least 1/2 a mile) to the boat she knows has Gabrielle. Xena convinces Cecrops to go back to where is beloved lived. But a giant whirlpool, Charibus, is in his way. Poseidon tells Cecrops that he'll lift his curse if he pushes Xena into the whirlpool. Things are complicated by the pirates who've been following their boat in hopes of finding treasure. Instead of killing Xena, Cecrops jumps into the whirlpool himself. When the ships escapes the whirlpool and reaches land, Xena and Gabrielle find Cecrops alive! He survived because he's immortal. He decides to do good across the land like Xena does. If this review has yet to be written, YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO WRITE IT!!
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