Return of Callisto 2.5 Return of Callisto
1st Airdate:
October 28th, 1996
Writer: R. J. Stewart
Guest Appearances:
Callisto ~ Hudson Leick
Joxer ~ Ted Raimi
Perdicas ~ Scott Garrison
Theodorus ~ David Te Rare



It's feeding time at a prison and a new prison wardenis being shown the ropes as they dish out a thick porridge to each prisoner. The new warden is told to be especially careful of one prisoner - a young blonde woman (Callisto) strapped down in a huge confining chair. She torments the warden and enraged he goes in and hits her, giving her the opportunity to relieve him of a knife. She uses it to escape her bonds and her cell and slaughters all the prison guards. Meanwhile Perdicus finds Xena and Gabrielle and proposes to Gabrielle, who while initially unsure in the end agrees to marry him. Joxer arrives with the news that Callisto has escaped. Gabrielle marries Perdicus and together they set off for home while Xena and Joxer plan to stop Callisto. Xena puts her pinch on Theodorus and discovers that Callisto has followed Gabrielle and plans to kill her as a way of destroying all Xena cares about. Callisto catches up with the unarmed Gabrielle and Perdicus in some swampy marshes and is about to kill Gabrielle when Xena arrives; Xena stops her but as Callisto leaves she kills Perdicus. After a funeral pyre for Perdicus, Gabrielle insists that Xena teach her how to kill with a sword so that she can go after Callisto herself - this Xena is extremely unwilling to do. Knowing that Xena will stand in her way, Gabrielle tells Xena that she's going home to mourn, but instead goes into Callisto's stronghold and plans to kill her. When she gets there however she realizes that all of those who love her have valued her blood innocence and moral values above all else, and she cannot strike the blow. She is soon a prisoner of Callisto, and Xena is soon also caught and tied up in Callisto's prison chair, while Gabrielle is tied up and burnt at the stake. Joxer rushes in in an attempt to save them but is soon captured, but not before his actions have allowed Xena to retrieve her Chakram. Xena and Callisto battle outside which leads them both to quicksand. Xena escapes with her chakram and whip, but allows Callisto to die beneath the quicksand. If this review has yet to be written, YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO WRITE IT!!
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