Warrior Princess Tramp 2.6 Warrior..Princess..Tramp
1st Airdate:
November 4th, 1996
Writer: R. J. Stewart
Guest Appearances:
Princess Diana ~ Lucy Lawless
Meg ~ Lucy Lawless
King Lias ~ Norman Forsey
Philemon ~ Iain Rea



Xena arrives at the court of King Lias where the king is desperately ill and Princess Diana (who looks identical to Xena) is likely to ascend to the throne - Diana asks for her help. Meanwhile Gabrielle is shocked when she encounters Joxer in a bar describing a sexual encounter with Xena, which she reprimands him for, and they proceed to the court. Gabrielle is even more shocked when Xena doesn't seem to recognize her and throws her into the dungeon. Soon it becomes apparent that the Xena at the court is an imposter, a situation further confused when the real Xena arrives. It turns out that a third identical woman, a tramp called Meg, is being used by a power hungry warlord to stand in for Diana, and take her place on the throne. If this review has yet to be written, YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO WRITE IT!!
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