Intimate Stranger 2.7 Intimate Stranger
1st Airdate:
November 11th, 1996
Writer: Steven L. Sears
Guest Appearances:
Callisto ~ Hudson Leick
Joxer ~ Ted Raimi
Ares ~ Kevin Smith
Theodorus ~ David Te Rare
Cyrene ~ Darien Takle



Xena and Gabrielle are trying to track down Callisto's men and bring them to justice but Xena keeps being troubled by nightmares in which Callisto and Ares accuse her of murdering Callisto. Callisto soons tricks Xena into coming down into Tartarus and swaps bodies, returning to the world of the living in Xena's body. Xena calls on Hades to help her and he agrees to let her return to the world of the living for one day in Callisto's body to try and stop Callisto and Ares. Meantime, Callisto in Xena's body is causing havoc; injuring Argo, teaching Gabrielle to kill, and taking over Callisto's old army. Callisto then arranges to round up the citizens of Xena's home village and burn them as the ultimate act of revenge against Xena. Ares becomes infuriated with Callisto who will not stop her crusade of revenge and become the Warrior Princess he wants to lead his army. Xena finally forces a showdown with Callisto, and they both return to Tartarus where Xena wins the right to return to the land of the living, but with a difference - she's still trapped in Callisto's body. If this review has yet to be written, YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO WRITE IT!!
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