10 Little Warlords 2.8 Ten Little Warlords
1st Airdate:
November 18th, 1996
Writer: Paul Robert Coyle
Guest Appearances:
Callisto (As Xena) ~ Hudson Leick
Joxer ~ Ted Raimi
Ares ~ Kevin Smith



Xena still stuck in Callisto's body wakes Gabrielle who is once again shocked by her appearance. Joxer arrives with an invitation apparently from Ares addressed to Callisto, and they immediately smell a rat knowing that Xena is in Callisto's body and the real Ares knows that. The invitation leads them to a small port where they see a number of warlords gathering. Things take a turn for the strange when Gabrielle starts a fight over the price of fishcakes and Xena finds Ares, drunk, in a tavern. He tells Xena that he's been stripped of his godhood because someone has stolen his sword and he asks for her help in getting it back. At first she's unsure and doesn't believe his statement that he was a benevolent god of war, but when Gabrielle starts her second fight in the matter of a few minutes, Xena begins to believe him. Acting on the invitations, Xena and Ares board a boat in the dock and set sail for an island where they are told there will be a competition to determine who will be the next god of war. Upon their arrival they hear the screams of a monster, and on entering the castle, Xena suspects the work of Sisyphus, a master trickster, who duly appears. Over the course of the evening, the various warlords start trying to do away with each other in a quest to be the first to try the competition with the monster. Meanwhile Gabrielle and Joxer have arrived on the island, and Gabrielle is determined to slay the monster herself, leading Joxer to quip "What are you supposed to be? A fierce warlord trapped in the body of Gabrielle?". After Ares gets caught in a trap, Xena struggles to free him. She becomes convinced that Sisyphus will have hidden the sword in plain sight and goes back to look for it. Returning it to Ares, he returns to being a god and dispatches Sisyphus back to Tartarus. Gabrielle arrives and reminds Ares of his promise to Xena to return her to her own body, but he disappears without doing so. As they walk back along the beach to the boat Gabrielle and Joxer came in, there is a sudden change and Xena is once again back in her own body. If this review has yet to be written, YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO WRITE IT!!
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