A Solstice Carol 2.9 A Solstice Carol
1st Airdate:
November 18th, 1996
Writer: Chris Manheim
Guest Appearances:
Senticles ~ Joe Berryman
King Silvas ~ Peter Vere Jones



It is the eve of the winter solstice and Xena and Gabrielle are shopping for presents for each other in the market of a small town when a young boy steals her chakram from her belt. Following him, she discovers he's taken her chakram to have the pride of place at the top of a decorated tree at the orphanage where he lives. Hearing that the Orphanage is to be evicted from it's building on the eve of Solstice on the orders of the King, Xena determines to visit the King and get him to reverse the heartless decision. Gabrielle tries to pursuade Xena to let her handle it peacefully in deference to the season. Reluctantly Xena agrees and soon she, Gabrielle and one of the King's minions, Senticles, a former toymaker; are staging a visit from each of the three Fates in turn to show to the King the error of his ways. As the Fate of the Present takes the King to the orphanage, his guards attack not recognizing him. Xena & gang come up with 'HOLIDAY' weapons to battle the guards. The King then realizes the caretaker of the orphanage is his wife, who left him long ago because he had become cold. In the end, Xena & Gabrielle take their donkey Toby to a path where a man and pregnant woman travel. They give Toby to them and are blessed. The child of Christ of course. If this review has yet to be written, YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO WRITE IT!!
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