Bitter Suite 3.12 Bitter Suite
1st Airdate:
February 2nd, 1998
Guest Appearances:
Ephiny ~ Danielle Cormack
Joxer ~ Ted Raimi
Ares ~ Kevin Smith
Julius Caesar ~ Karl Urban
Callisto ~ Hudson Leick
Solan ~ David Taylor



WHAT CAN I SAY????? THIS WAS ONE OF THE BEST XENA EPISODES I'VE EVER SEEN! Well anyway, this great story starts off with something you never thought you'd see, Xena verses Gabrielle, in a physical battle!! Gabrielle has stayed with Ephiny and the Amazons where she has kept herself in the purging hut for three days. There, she is visited by Callisto, who tells her they have something in common, Xena created them both. Xena is atop a snowy mountain singing and screaming. She is visited by Ares, who tells her that she should have never trusted Gabrielle, that she should return to her warrior ways. Xena attacks the Amazon village to get Gabrielle. Joxer, Ephiny and all the Amazons are no match for Xena. After she gets by them, she whips Gabrielle's foot and drags her from her horse until they reach a precipice. There, Gabrielle appears dead, but when Xena tries to throw her over, Gabrielle kicks free and then head rams them both over the cliff. Both presumed dead, they enter the Land of Illusia where Xena is awaked by a kiss from Callisto... who is dressed in a colorful jester outfit and a short blond bob. She speaks in rhyme and riddles and explains to Xena that all she has is her own fault, and that she must face the consequences. Callisto leads her to what appears to be Ares lair, with an army ready to follow her once more. Kevin Smith (Ares) does a GREAT job singing and inviting Xena back into his world. Xena has her battle armor and is overwhelmingly enticed by the thought. Gabrielle is found by a lyrical Joxer who's singing a version of his Joxer the Mighty...Geographer song. He leads her to her home village of Poteidia, where she's welcomed with open arms, told that Xena was never a good influence on her, and they gave her a scye to fight with. Both Xena and Gabrielle face off in the middle and fight. Very quickly, I might add, with Xena plunging her sword into Gabrielle. As she lay over Gabrielle's dead body, the real Gabrielle walks out and can't believe she killed her. They argue and blame each other for the predicament that has brougt them here. From there they are transported to a place that is no longer colorful and cheery, but is dark and frightening. They start to argue and realize that they must not talk of the past, but focus on the NOW. They both sing to each other(Lucy extremely well, and Gabrielle, well I don't think that's her singing voice). They still don't get it all out, and the flames of Dahak grab them both and bring them to the temple of Dahak. There, they face off against Callisto, Julius Caesar, Kraftstar the Deliverer, and Ares. Gabrielle finds herself strapped to the altar with Xena as her executioner, and Xena finds herself tied to a cross with Gabrielle holding a hammer to smash her legs. They both sing to each other of their love for one another and all the bads guys explode, including the bad Xena and Gabrielle. Another doorway opens as a mysterious cloaked figure flies over them both. A waterfall shows Solon on the other side. Gabrielle crosses over, but Xena can't, because the water burns her. Xena then realizes who the cloaked figure is, a lie that hasn't been let out into the open yet. It was Min Su, the Green Dragon from the Debt II. She had never told Gabrielle that she had murdered him. Xena then broke down asking Gabrielle and Solon for forgiveness. THIS I MUST SAY, WAS THE BEST PART, LUCY DID A BEAUTIFUL RENDITION OF HER APOLOGY!! Anyways, this caused Min Su to explode and with Gabrielle's hand, walked her through the waterfall. Xena said I love you and goodbye to her son. Then Gabby & Xena found themselves lying on the sand. They hug and lie back in the incoming waves..... If this review has yet to be written, YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO WRITE IT!!
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