One Against An Army 3.13 One Against An Army
1st Airdate:
February 9th, 1998
Guest Appearances:



Gabrielle is inspired by her flips done in The Quill Is Mightier, so she practices with a staff to bounce off of. But when she decides to do it without the staff and against Xena's warning, she twists her ankle. While she rides Argo, they come across a Spartan soldier, Philipides, who says that he is off to warn his people about the attacking Persian Army. Xena realizes that Athens, Greece is doomed unless they can stop them, or at least slow them down. They send the soldier off to warn the others while they continue towards the army. Gabrielle asks how they both will fight an entire army. Xena says that all they need to do is slow them down. Gabrielle asks about her 'special' power that she used in The Debt. Xena says she hasn't been able to do it since that day. They come across another soldier who seems to be deserting the Spartan Army because of his fear of the Persians. Xena & Gabrielle try to teach him that he must fight to win his honor back. Trisiles decides to travel with them when Xena tells him she has a plan. They are attacked by a scouting group of Persians. While Xena fights, Trisiles stands there frozen. Gabrielle comes out of hiding to convince him to fight and she's shot by an arrow, a poisoned arrow. Xena tells Trisilies that she causes a landslide that will slow the army. He leaves to tell his people the good news. After he leaves, Gabrielle questions why she lied to him. Xena says that's because he's a Persian spy out to get any info he could. Xena & Gabrielle argue whether or not they should go get the serum for the poison or fend off the army. After realizing the poison isn't working that fast, they decide to hold up in an armory that Xena has hidden. There Xena realizes that the arrow hit her lung and she's coughing up blood, thus cutting her survival time in half. They argue again about leaving for the serum,but Gabrielle wins, fighting for the greater good. Xena spends the day of setting traps and getting ready to fight. Meanwhile Gabrielle dreams that Xena is attacked and killed by a soldier dropping from the roof. She warns Xena of her 'prophecy' and the battle begins. Xena fights courageously against over 40 soldiers. She is attacked by a warrior from the roof and being prepared, kills him in return. During the battle, Trisiles tries to kill Gabrielle, but Xena stops him. After she catches a poisoned arrow meant for her, she stabs Trisiles with it instead. As he goes for his antidote serum, she kills him and takes the serum. Almost completely worn out, Xena stands before the remaining soldiers and warns them "There are thousands more like me!" They turn around and leave. Xena gives Gabrielle the serum and they both fall asleep. If this review has yet to be written, YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO WRITE IT!!
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