King Con 3.15 King Con
1st Airdate:
February 23rd, 1998
Guest Appearances:
Autolycus ~ Bruce Campbell



Joxer wins big at the Casino Club of Atrius. After he leaves the Casino, he comes across Rafe and Eldrin who are trying to find someone to invest in their goldpiece. Joxer is conned and buys the gold with his winnings. After he leaves, Eldrin holds up the sword he took from him. Outside the city, Joxer is beaten to a pulp by Atrius' sons led by Leo, his eldest. Xena arrives in time to stop them from killing Joxer, but she swears revenge. They travel to the city and find Rafe and Eldrin who have Joxer's sword. After finding out they weren't the ones who beat him, she guilts them into helping them defeat Atrius since they left Joxer defenseless. Joxer is taken to a temple to be treated while Xena & Rafe create a con. First they get Atrius' attention by winning big. Then Xena puts on her Miss Amphipolis blond wig and tricks Leo out of his father's gem. Meanwhile Eldrin bets Rafe that he can't score with Xena. Xena confronts Rafe immediately about this "BET", but something has connected between them and Rafe calls off the bet because he starts to actually feel for Xena. Joxer turns up missing, but is found with Leo who's still trying to kill him. Xena takes Leo to Atrius and says she'll play a game with him to win his son back. Atrius calls her bluff after Eldrin told him of her plan to have Rafe help her cheat. Rafe lunges at Eldrin, but not before he's stabbed & killed. Xena still demands to play. Atrius, realizing that she can't possibly win now, plays and LOSES!! He tries to run, but Rafe attacks him, he had been conned!!! Atrius loses everything and Joxer gets better. In the end, Rafe and Xena come close, but not close enough, and they go their seperate ways. If this review has yet to be written, YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO WRITE IT!!
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