When in Rome 3.16 When In Rome
1st Airdate:
March 2nd, 1998
Guest Appearances:
Julius Caesar ~ Karl Urban



When the Great Warlord of Gall, Vercinix, is captured by Julius Caesar, Xena is asked to save him. She kidnaps Carassus, one of Caesars best warriors and uses him for a trade. Since the capture of Vercinix and his execution will be such a great show of power by Caesar, he has no intention of trading. Gabrielle watches Carassas as Xena plays along with Caesar in his palace. While she's there, Pompey, one of the leaders of Rome with Caesar, suggests that she should assassinate him and he will guarantee that Vercinix is release and they'll be free to go. But Xena's attempt is thwarted and Caesar imprisons her in the dungeon with Vercinix. But Gabrielle had herself captured with Carassus as well in the next cell. On her early visit, Xena copied the key, and now they switched Carassus for Vercinix, Vercinix took the guards place and the guard took Carassus'. Since no one knew what Carassus looked like, no one suspected. Xena was then brought into the arena before the execution of Vercinix. She was badly beaten until she saw Gabrielle in the crowd, meaning she and Vercinix had escaped. She then defeated the two warriors attacking her and was placed back in the dungeon. The hooded 'Vercinix' was brought into the arena and Caesar proclaimed his victory. The crowd roared on as the hood was removed and only Caesar and Pompey recognized Carassus. But if he failed to give the people what they wanted, he would lose his power. The people did not know the difference and Carassus was beheaded. Later on, Xena and Gabrielle were en route home when Gabrielle expressed her disbelief that she allowed a man to be executed. She had his ring and could have saved him, but she found out through Vercinix that he had ordered the death of innocent lives. Xena comforted her, but we'll see the reprecussions of Gabrielle's guilt in the next show.... If this review has yet to be written, YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO WRITE IT!!
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