Forget Me Not 3.17 Forget Me Not
1st Airdate:
March 9th, 1998
Guest Appearances:
Ares ~ Kevin Smith
Joxer ~ Ted Raimi



Joxer finds Gabrielle in an emotional mess. She can't deal with her guilt and bad memories and wants rid of them. Joxer tries to comfort her, but can't. Gabrielle walks up to the entrance of the Temple of Mnemosine, Goddess of Memory. Two guards stand over the doorway as a young girl walks out of the temple aparantly with an erased memory of who she is. The guards tell her that she can rid herself of her memories but at a cost. Gabrielle enters and speaks with the Priestess. The Priestess tells her that she knows of her pains and may want to reconsider having her memory erased. The answer is there, within you. You must cross the three rivers and then you will find the answer. She then explains that if her bowl is emptied, a pottery bowl that is filled with water, her memories in fact, that she will forget all, everyone she has ever known, everything she has ever done. Gabrielle wants the answer and agrees to the terms. Joxer breaks in time to find Gabrielle pass out. The Priestess tells him that if he really loves her, that he'll allow her to complete this task. Joxer leaves with the memoriless Gabrielle. The real Gabrielle stands before a river that apparently is boiling. Ares appears behind her and warns her that it may not be worth the journey, that it's harder than it seems. Gabrielle disagrees and enters the River of Wailing. When she splashes the water on her face, she remembers the death of Hope and her murdering her. She also remembers sending Carassus to his death in Rome. She makes it out of the river barely able to find the strength to stand. Ares appears again and Gabrielle feels the guilt even worse. She steps up and carries on. Ares tells her that he will help, if she doesn't mind owing a favor to the God of War. The River of Woe is next and Gabrielle tries to find a way across on an ice bridge, but Ares reappears and watches as she falls in. More memories flood Gabrielle, from the Bitter Suite when her and Xena faced all their hatred int he form of Callisto and Ares and the Deliverer and Julius Caesar and two evil incarnations of themselves. She remembers how they defeated them and that isn't enough. Gabrielle gets out of the icy water and wants to turn back. Ares prompts her to and she falls in again, this time the ice seals her under the water. She breaks free, regains her strength and faces the final river. The entire time, Joxer tries to bring Gabrielle's memories back by reading her scrolls to her. The amnesiac Gabrielle listens to Joxer, but Joxer starts stretching the truth about their relationship. Meanwhile, Gabrielle comes across the River of Will, with fire spurting in all directions. She enters the water and after burning starts to remember, remember about Ares! She remembers that at the end of The Debt Part I, she stopped Xena from killing the Green Dragon but telling him she was coming. But it was never told how Gabrielle got to Chin before Xena. Gabrielle recalls Ares appearing and their conversation about how Xena was going to throw it all away for the love of another. She was jealous and asked Ares to send her to China ahead of Xena. Gabrielle realized her mistake and also realized that she had to live with it. She knocks Ares around with her staff realizing it isn't really Ares, but her guilt given form. Ares hands her the bowl of her memories and he tells her to drink it and forever forget her pain. Meanwhile, Joxer and Gabrielle are kissing because the amesiac Gabrielle wants to remember the love she 'had for Joxer.' At that moment, Joxer jumps up and admits to lying. At that time, Gabrielle grabs Joxer's nose and Joxer realizes that Gabrielle is back. Xena also approaches and they seal the final wound of the Rift. Gabrielle expresses her wanting to betray Xena because of jealousy and realizes she almost killed Xena. They hug and look at Joxer and wish they could forget him. If this review has yet to be written, YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO WRITE IT!!
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