Fins, Femmes & Gems 3.18 Fins, Femmes & Gems
1st Airdate:
April 13th, 1998
Guest Appearances:
Aphrodite ~ Alexandria Tydings



Aphrodite awaits in her temple as three thugs arrive with a 'gift' for her, a beautiful mystical gem. She tells the thugs to take it to a certain astronomer who will take care of it for her. They tell Aphrodite that they're being followed by Xena and Aphrodite warns them she'll take care of them. After the thugs leave, Aphrodite creates 'Obsession' which will make each one of them obsess on whatever they are looking at. Gabrielle obsesses with herself, Joxer obsesses with the legend of Atlan the ape man and Xena herself obsesses with fishing. Xena first heads toward a cliff and uses her chakram to create an avalance so that the thugs will have to detour at a lake, a lake that Xena takes the three of them to where her and her brother Lyceus used to fish at to catch the one that got away, Salareus. Gabrielle continually points out that she is the most beautiful woman in the world and that Xena is jealous of that. Joxer just swings around on vines wanting to "Oooga Oooga" with Gabrielle. All three realize that each is obsessing and they continually forget their mission to find the gem. But Xena doesn't forget and she sends Gabrielle after the gem so it can symbolize how beautiful she is. Xena then sends Joxer to save Gabrielle because he must have her to "Oooga" with. Then Xena saves all three while losing the chance to catch the fish Salareus with a clever bait with which she used some of Gabrielle's hair as a lure. Afterwards, Xena sets up the gem to shoot it back into the sky. She uses at the same time to bait Salareus. Just as Salareus jumps for the gem, Xena shoots it into the sky with the fish!! She then snaps out of the spell after she realizes that she no longer has any unresolved issues with her brother Lyceus. She then convinces Gabrielle that she must resolve what is bothering her. Gabrielle admits that her not getting any credit bothers her and her spell is broken. That night, they both begin to fall asleep, allowing Joxer to go on one more night as the Ape King!! If this review has yet to be written, YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO WRITE IT!!
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