Tsunami 3.19 Tsunami
1st Airdate:
April 20th, 1998
Guest Appearances:
Autolycus ~ Bruce Campbell



For a dinar, a fortune teller tells Gabrielle that she's about to go on a journey. After Xena mocks the fortune teller, she tells Gabrielle that danger and death lie ahead. They both leave and split up looking for supplies & food. Gabrielle passes a slave ship where she sees Autolycus chained up. She tries to help him but he tells her to go away. She can't and she ends up being caught on the ship when it leaves port. Xena hears her calls for help and 'hops' aboard to save her, but now they are en route. The passenger aboard the ship who's bringing the prisoners to his island to mine are Atreus and Saraya. He wants to know what's going on. Xena confronts Autolycus and makes him reveal that he plans on thieving a few diamonds from the minds. Xena also comes across another prisoner Makan who's anger and discontempt can be very annoying. Gabrielle sits with Atreus' wife Saraya and finds out she's pregnant, but doesn't want Atreus to know because his mother died during his child birth and he doesn't want the same for her. Xena and the captain sense something and realize what when they see Mt. Edna on the horizon giving off ash. They realize it just erupted and created a tsunami, a giant tidal wave and it hits the ship! Xena & the captain managed to get Atreus, Saraya, & Gabrielle down with the prisoners & Autolycus before the ship was turned over and started to sink. Only the air in the forward cabin keeps them bouyant. Atreus and the captain are wounded while Makan makes a fools attempt to get out, causing the ship to sink even further. The only plan Xena can come up with is to get access to the rudder and stir the ship to the nearby reefs. This works, but they are on the crevice of a reef ready to fall. Autolycus feels guilty about having them come save him when he didn't need saving, thus endangering all their lives, but Xena reminds him that he is a hero, and he's proved it over and over. Saraya tells Atreus that she's tired of him trying to buy everyone else and that he needs to live for his 'family' now. Xena then comes up with the plan to use the nearby geisers to carry them all to the top. They would have to fill skins with air to breath but it should work. They go with the plan, Autolycus & Saraya carrying the wounded Atreus, Gabrielle, and Petra carry the captain and Makan and Xena follow. On the way up, Makan loses his air skin and tries to take Xena's. She wins and he starts to sink again, but she reluctantly saves him to. On shore, they all reunite, but Makan leaves disgrunted. He asks Xena "What did you expect?" She answers "From you, nothing. From myself, nothing less." We could've used a Poseidon appearance here, especially since Xena's not exactly on his good side, but I guess not!! If this review has yet to be written, YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO WRITE IT!!
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