Vanishing Act 3.20 Vanishing Act
1st Airdate:
April 27th, 1998
Guest Appearances:
Autolycus ~ Bruce Campbell



Gabrielle heads to a celebration of two villages that have requested her and Xena to be at. The villages are celebrating years of peace, and a symbol of that peace is the golden statue of Pax, a beautiful rendition of a goddess holding a dove. Gabrielle lets them know Xena won't be there til morning. When she does arrive, the statue is missing. Xena spots a disguised Autolycus in the crowd and assumes he is the one who took it. He explains that it wasn't him and that's why he wants to know, to get his King of Theives title back. After working together, they find that the statue was knocked into the water and dragged by ship. Autolycus finds out what ship and they head of to Atrius' island. There, they assume the roles of Myopia (Gabrielle) who's there to bid on the statue, Ezra (Xena) who's also there to bid, and Bentley (Autolycus) her servant hunchback. Atrius lets them both bid for the statue after he lets them know he's in the process of melting it down to pure gold. They slow down the furnace,but that only buys them a little time. Ezra wins the bidding and Atrius throws a feast that night. During a speech, Atrius realizes the hunchback is Autolycus as he explains that years ago he killed a merchant and his brother sought revenge from him and did by stealing everything Atrius owned. Autolycus was that brother. Now Atrius had taken his brother and his reputation from him. After locking him in with unbreakable chains and 200 locks, Xena and Gabrielle carry out his plan. Xena goes to free Autolycus after waiting no longer and she finds he's already gone. She knows where and arrives in time to stop Autolycus from killing Atrius. She tells him that his brother wouldn't want it this way and they both escape as guards break in. They all stand off down where the furnace and the statue are. After defeating Atrius' soldiers, they retreat. Atrius gets up to find the Solarians arriving who've come to bid for the Pax statue. When Atrius looks to where the statue should be, it's gone! Autolcus steps out and rubs it in Atrius' face that his crown of King is back! After the Salarian General threatens to kill Atrius next time he pulls a stunt like this, it's revealed that a clever deception of perspective and paint hid the statue in plain sight. They returnt he statue to the celebration the next day and Autolycus thanks Xena with a kiss on the cheek for her help, again. If this review has yet to be written, YOU COULD BE THE ONE TO WRITE IT!!
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