4.1 Adventures in the Sin Trade 4.1 Adventures in the Sin Trade
(Part 1)

1st Airdate:
October 4th, 1998
Writer: Robert Tapert & R.J. Stewart
Director: T.J. Scott
Guest Appearances:
Borias ~ Marton Csokas
Alti ~ Claire Stansfield
Otere ~ Sheeri Rappaport
Cyane ~ Vicky Pratt
Hades ~ Erik Thomson

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The opening segment starts with Xena riding Argo across the land to find Hades. She comes across him while he chooses where the newly slain are to be sent. She demands to see Gabrielle, but he says she never arrived. After Hades asked if she had any other spiritual connection, Xena realized that she did and that she'd have to travel to the Amazon Land of the Dead. For reasons found out later, Xena leaves Argo behind and rides off on a black horse. Xena can scarcely hear Gabrielle whispering her name while on her journey.

While en route to the land of the Amazons, she kills an elk and creates a native costume from it's remnants. She remembers back to a time when Borias was making love to her and announcing that he loved her. She laughed him off as a soldier brought in two women found outside the camp. One was a shamaness called Alti and the other was Anokin. Even against Borias' wishes, Xena allowed them to stay, especially after Alti revealed that Xena was pregnant with Borias' child. Borias told Xena about a possible alliance with the Amazons against the Centaurs. She brings up how the alliance in Chin failed.

In the present, Xena arrives in Amazon territory to find a dead Amazon hanging from a tree. As she gets her down, her attackers arrive and Xena fends 6 of them off. Amazons were in hiding watching the battle and watch Xena carry the dead Amazon off to burn her in a funeral pyre. They continue to watch as Xena performs a ritual to cross over to the land of the dead by killing the horse she came on and drinking it's blood. One of the watching Amazons, Otare, recognizes Xena's cries of despair from the past. Borias had rescued Otare as a child. Alti told Xena she should kill the child because one day she would take Xena's power, but Xena didn't do it. After Xena's spirit leaves her body, the Amazons take her body carefully to their camp.

After arriving in the Amazon land of the dead, Xena's spirit meets the Amazon who she just burned at the pyre. Xena explains she's on a quest to find a friend and explains how she got here before. In the past, Anokin, who had come with Alti, was killed in battle and Alti took Xena over to the otherside to see her. Borias ended up bringing Xena back abruptly and throwing Alti out. But Xena continued to follow her and learned that she delved in dark, black power and that she wanted the power of death. In the present, Xena meets up with the dead Queen of the Amazons Cyane, who despises Xena immensely. Cyane shows Xena that none of her tribe have been able to enter eternity because of Alti. Xena has the opportunity to see Gabrielle at the gate of eternity, but chooses to help the dead Amazons pass over by defeating Alti.

Xena awakes in the Amazon camp and recognizes Otare. She explains that she brought Xena here for her protection. Xena tells them she is going to lead them to fight Alti. Xena releases the prisoner the Amazons have to deliver a message to Alti. But Alti already knows Xena is there, and sends the Beserker to kill her. Xena & the Amazons encounter Alti's soldiers and they fight. But then a black armored soldier arrives on horseback, the Beserker. She steps forward, but the Beserker uses dark magic to make Xena relive the painful moments of her past, when she went through the gauntlet, her battle with Callisto and when her legs were broken by Caesar. Wounded and unable to walk, Xena still manages to get on a horse and attack the Beserker. He ends up jumping on her horse and she kills him. But the pain doesn't go away. She then realizes the horse is imbued with Alti's spirit and the spirit escapes. Xena realizes that Alti will be stronger than ever as they get closer, but realizes they must go on..... to be continued!!

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