The Key To The Kingdom 4.10 The Key To the Kingdom
1st Airdate:
January 17th, 1999
Writer: Eric Morris
Director: Bruce Campbell
Guest Appearances:
Bruce Campbell ~ Autolycus
Ted Raimi ~ Joxer
Lucy Lawless ~ Meg/Xena



• A huge pig statue is wheeled into the treasuring of a castle. After the guards leave, the mouth opens on the pig revealing Autolycus, King of Thieves, inside. He gets out of the pig and attempts to take the gem from a very clever trap. If you ring the chimes, the trap shuts, snapping off your hand. He saws the gem out through the bottom of the stand and gets the gem. As he leaves the castle, he glares throught the gem and sees Xena. He tries to explain that it is nothing but a trinket, but realizes the err of his ways and tosses the gem back to the castle guards. "Xena" yells at Autolycus for throwing away such a valuable stone. Joxer shows up and laughs to find out that Auto thought Meg was actually Xena. He tells Auto that he and Meg have a proposition for him, right before he strangles Joxer for allowing him to toss the jewel he stole back.

Their proposition to Autolycus, or Mr. Stinky, as they knickname him, is to steal the Crown of Athena from Kryptos. Autolycus agrees, but only if he plans it. Later on, Autolycus and Joxer, dressed up like bandits, confront the local tax collector for his money. Meg shows up, as Xena of course, and in a choreographed fight, defeats them. This earns their trust of Xena and they allow her in the castle and show her all their security. Meg leaves marks leading directly the the key they need to find. Autolycus breaks in and finds the chamber, but there is a baby there, no key. Suddenly Meg and Kryptos and the guards enter and lock Autolycus up. Meg leaves the chamber as Griffia, the baby's nanny enters the room to find it missing, but she tells no one.

• Griffia goes to the dungeon where Autolcus is chained up in double latched Scythian locks, locks he told Meg were the hardest for him to escape from. Griffia asked why he tried to steal the baby and who this Xena was. Autolycus told her he didn't know it was a baby he was stealing and that Meg wasn't really Xena. Griffia murmurs something about them not knowing the secret and leaves. The other prisoner laughs and tells Autolycus that if the key is used to open the door, the baby will be no more. Autolycus finally breaks free and escapes.

When Kryptos realizes the baby is gone, he also realizes Xena lied to him and must know the secret to using the baby to get the crown, what they've been trying to do for years since King Cliades left.

• Meg takes the baby to a barn and tells him how much she loves him and wants him for her own. When Joxer arrives, they plan to take care of the baby together and get ready to leave. Suddenly, the baby crawls away and into the village. Now the guards, Autolycus, Joxer & Meg are all looking for each other and the baby. The baby  boards a chariot with no one on it and rides away. Auto, Meg & Joxer follow on horseback. Meg finally jumps into the chariot and rescues the baby. Later, she explains to Auto why she did what she did. She knew the baby wasn't loved there and wants it for her own. When Autolycus realizes her love and devotion to her new baby, he agrees to help them get the Crown of Athena so they can raise the baby right. He plans on opening the door without killing the baby.

• When they find the map on the baby's blanket, they go to the marked castle and find a room with the door and a huge lighted cushion. The realize they must put the baby on the cushion to open the door. Auto yells no and tries to open the door himself. The guards and Kryptos finally arrive and Meg, Joxer & Auto fight them off, but not before the baby crawls to the cushion and opens the door, revealing the crown. They watch in horror as the baby disappears, but in his stead, a man appears, King Cliades! They all continue to fight, but Kryptos takes the crown and leaves. Xena arrives and helps them defeat the group.

• Xena explains how Griffia found her after talking to Autolycus and told her everything. Apparently, Athena cursed King Cliades to be young so he could see through the eyes of an innocent baby. They all decide to work together to reclaim the clown and his treasure & people.

• They attack Kryptos and his guards and win of corse. King Cliades takes the Crown of Athena and places it up Griffia, who has also reverted back to her normal age. She was cursed to learn how to care. Cliades thanks Meg for loving him  and saving him. She is upset because she really wanted a baby and can't have one naturally. But Xena tries to tell her one of those stars in the sky must belong to her.

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