4.11 The Daughter of Pomira 4.11 The Daughter of Pomira
1st Airdate:
January 24th, 1999
Writer: Linda McGibney
Director: Patrick Norris
Guest Appearances:
Pele/Vanessa ~ Beth Allen



• Xene remembers her first encounter with the Horde. During that battle, one of her men call for a retreat. She kills him for suggesting it, but then realizes it as she watches her men die and calls retreat. She tells Gabrielle that half her men were killed. As they attempt to go around the Horde lands, they see a young, blond girl among the Horde. She seems familiar to Xena, but suddenly a man attacks them from the trees. Xena stops him and they escape. He says his name is Milo and can get some dinars for their scalps. Xena tells him they are just kids. Gabrielle finds a belt on the ground and shows it to Xena. She realizes that she knows the Horde girl. She's the daughter of one of her former soldiers, Rall.

• Xena & Gabby go to see Rall, a former soldier of her army. She shows them the belt. They recognize it as their daughters, Vanessa. They explain that 6 years ago the Horde took her. THey thought her dead. They tell them she is alive. Xena & Gabby offer to bring her back instead of Rall fighting again.

• Milo wants to help rescue Vanessa, for the lust of battle. They turn him down. Xena suggests there might be some problems if they bring her back.

• At night, Xena & Gabby follow a band of the Horde. After almost getting caught, they are lead right into the Horde's secret entrance to the underground. Xena enters the camp as one of them. She sees that Vanessa is cared for by the Horde. Xena, as a Horde, is sent to get caltucka, water. She finds Vanessa and she screams.

• Xena stops her screaming with a pinch as the Horde pursue them. Xena & Vanessa crawl through a small tunnel.She uses her chakram to cause a cave in. The chief yells out Peli as they are blocked off. Xena digs up through the ground to escape. They escape and catch up with Gabrielle. Xena leads a false trail while Gabrielle takes Vanessa to safety.

• Xena leaves the belt for the chief to find and he recognizes it and screams. Gabrielle tries to talk to Vanessa. She says her name is Peli. Gabrielle realizes she can talk. Her father is Servac. Not Horde, Pomira. Pomira honors life. She says they kill trees, earth. And when they are ask them to stop, they kill Pomira. Xena thinks it may be a mistake if Peli wants to stay. Gabrielle says she needs to remember the life she was born into. Xena hears Servac's screams.

• Xena whips Milo down from a tree. He's there to kill more Horde. He talks to Peli, but she kicks him in the face. They get back to the village with Peli. They have her meet her parents. Rall walks up to her and she scratches him in the face. She denies them and warns that Servac & the Pomira .

• The villagers fear her and the father denies her. The mother & Xena stand inbetween them and Peli. During a town meeting, Xena takes command of the men to help them fight the Horde. Gabrielle talks to Rall, tries to make him understand. He says his daughter is dead. He returns to his home to find the mother has cleaned Peli up and put in a dress. She smells the food and honors the lamb. She recognizes her doll Kara. The father sees his daughter and refuses to give her up. When he calls the Horde savages, she pushes him away.

• Gabrielle talks with Xena and Milo tells Gabby Xena is repeating history to defeat the Horde. Xena plans to seek peace instead battle. She plans to use Vanessa to bridge the gap and stand by her by whatever choice she makes.

• At night, Vanessa stands over her parents with a sword. She takes her doll, leaves the sword and leaves. She drops the doll and turns to see Milo with a battle axe aimed at her.

• Xena rescues Vanessa and orders Milo to his post. She tells Peli she can stop the battle. She is still confused.

• Morning comes and the Horde stand outside the walls. Xena orders the gates to be opened. Servac stands up front while Peli & her parents walk out. Milo ambushes the Horde and Xen a jumps down to battle him. Everyone watches as Milo puts up a good fight, but Xena ends up killing him. Xena grabs her sword. Peli stands between Servac and Rall. Peli tells them they are both her father. Peli decides to go with Servac. Servac tells the Horde no fight, no war, but family.

• Xena tells Gabrielle that Peli now has two loving familes and there is peace now between them and the Pomira. In jest, Gabrielle, says "They call you the her?" Xena says "Fine, wanna switch?" She answers "Sure." "Xena says she'll let Gabby fight and she'll take notes.

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