If The Shoe Fits 4.12 If The Shoe Fits...
1st Airdate:
January 31st, 1999
Writer: Adam Armus and Nora Kay Foster
Director: Josh Becker
Guest Appearances:
Aphrodite ~ Alexandria Tydings (Evil step sister & mother)
Joxer ~ Ted Raimi (Prince & messenger)
Alisia ~ Olivia Tennet



• Gabrielle showers in the woods. Xena wakes up and yells at Gabrielle for not waking her up. Someone steals Gabrielle's outfit. Xena attacks and takes a warlord prisoner. Gabrielle tells Xena her shirt is missing and Xena tells her she used it to tie up the warlord because she was out of rope. Now Gabrielle wears a brown 'sugarsack'.

• After an explosion, Xena & gang enter Aphrodite's temple and find Aphrodite yelling at a little girl. She runs up to Xena and tells her to save her from her evil godmother, Aphrodite!

• Princess Alicia went to Aphrodite for help from her evil step mother. Xena goes to stop Zantar's men while Gabrielle tells Alicia a story.

• She tells her a story about Tyrella (Gabrielle) lived with her evil wicked step mother (Xena) and her evil sister (Aphrodite). Meanwhile Aphrodite  talked with 'herself' about misseing Alicia, she feels lonely.

• Xena sends Argo to lead the soldiers elsewhere as she hides in a tree.

• Gabrielle tries to tell her story about Tyrella, but Aphrodite appears to tell a better story. She tells what really happens. In it, she's the beautiful mother and Gabrielle is the ugly sister Tyrella. Joxer appears with a message from the Prince. He invites all good looking chicks for a ball to pick a bride.

• This time, Xena arrives to interrupt her story. Aphrodite leaves. Gabrielle tries to make her sugarsack more comfortable as she continues her story, but Xena needs her to help cook so Joxer tells his version of the story. Aphrodite appears to the soldiers to ask if they'll help take Alicia back in exchange for Zantar's release.

• Joxer makes himself to be Tyro who's picked on by his stepfather and brother. He's approached by his fairy godmother Harmonia (Xena) who helps him get to the party. He arrives and the princess (Gabrielle) sees him and they dance. He begins to dance John Travolta style as everyone watches. He then sings to the princess as she sings back to him. Suddenly its sunup and his clothes fall off and he runs off...

• Xena arrives and finds Alicia missing. She wandered off during the story and Gabby's kicking. Xena goes looking for her. An old woman shows up saying some men attacked her by the river. The old woman turns into Aphrodite as Joxer insults her. She's looking for Alicia. Zantar agrees to help Aphrodite.

• Xena passes by as Alicia hangs by a vine over a cliff. Xena climbs down and saves her. They rescued Joxer and he tells her it was Aphrodite who helped Zantar. Xena tells the rest of the story.

• Tyrella (Xena) is a tough sister. The Prince (Joxer) shows up with a slipper and is looking for the girl who fits it. Tyrella decides not to try the shoe on and says she'll make her own fate and chases the Prince off.  The fairy godsister shows up (Gabrielle). She warns Xena that her evil sister and mother plan to kill the Prince. Tyrella goes to save him and asks the godsister to clean the dishes.

• Gabrielle gets mad at Xena's version of her and storms off. Alicia is sad that this won't have a happy ending. They return Alicia to her father to find him tied up. Zantar stole the crown jewels. Xena locks up Alicia and the step mother to talk.

• Gabrielle wanders onto Aphrodite's temple. After getting her attention. Gabrielle explains that Alicia needs her family. Alicia and her stepmom do talk it out. Alicia feels she ruined everything with Zantar stealing the jewels and Gabrielle leaving Xena.

• Following Xena, Joxer gets captured. While her stepmom tells her the story, Xena's fight with Zantar becomes the fairytale. Gabrielle (the godsister) joins the battle. They defeat Zantar and then return to tell Alicia the fairytale and it's happy ending. Aphrodite shows up to tell Alicia that she'll be happy with her father and her step mother who truly loves her.

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