4.13 Paradise Found 4.13 Paradise Found
1st Airdate:
February 7th, 1999
Writer: Chris Manheim
Director: Robert Tapert
Guest Appearances:
Aiden ~ Jeremy Roberts



• Xena questions Gabrielle's religious quest to India while Gabrielle sews up a wound on Xena's leg. While Gabby gets dressed, she questions whether Xena fights for the sake of good or for simply fighting. Xena sees the crucifixation scene again. Gabby investigates a sound. Xena goes to look for her and finds a deep hole, assumes Gabrielle fell through it and jumps in after her. They both awake in a virtual paradise. Xena's wound is gone.

• The place reminds them of Illusia. They find an old man warrior who tells them to ask Aidan to find out where they are. They find Aidan in the house nearby. He invites them to stay overnight and enjoy his hospitality. Xena questions his powers.

• They take a bath together and Gabrielle brings up Lao Ma and Alti and Xena's belief in their spiritual powers and her lack of trust in Aidan's powers. The old man returns and Xena greets him at the door naked. He has clothes for them.

• Aidan teaches Gabrielle how to find inner peace. He warns her of the risks and she's willing to take them. Xena performs her own meditation techniques on her own. Gabrielle has a thought of her past of Hope. Aidan explains that she must face her past. Aidan explains he lost his wife and child. He tells her that she must heal herself before she can heal the world. Aidan creates a flower with a thought.

• During Xena's meditation, she suddenly starts psuedo attacking the sculptures around her, striking at them as if they were real but not hitting them. After her final strike, she appears to be losing control and screams for the sounds around her to stop.

• Xena watches Gabrielle during one of her routines with Aidan. Gabrielle starts crying after remembering her fight with Xena about Hope.

• Xena questions Gabby about staying and Gabrielle seems hooked on Aidan's words. Xena says Aidan's way seems numbing compared to Lao Ma's. Gabby says she let the pain of a failed mother go. She feels lighter. Xena's mind is too active to help her.

• While Gabby sleeps, Xena meditates and her wound returns then disappears. In the morning, Aidan expresses that Xena could be in trouble because of her dark side. Gabby finds Xena and questions whether or not she is ok. Xena has a vision that she hurts Gabby's hand, but it turns out to be just a vision.

•  Xena approaches Aidan and threatens with the pinch. He tells her that the real her is coming out. She keeps having visions of hurting Gabrielle. He warns her that if she stays, she'll end up hurting Gabrielle. He tells her she must leave for Gabrielle's sake. While writing Gabrielle a letter, she bleeds on it from her nose. Gabrielle has a knot in her back and Xena fixes it. She has another vision of the crucifixation. As blood drips from her nose, more visions come. She sees herself as the one crucifying Gabrielle. Xena leaves as Gabby sleeps.

• Xena sees the Cervus medalion on one of the sculptures. She chases after Gar, the old soldier. Turns out the sculptures are Gar's platoon who believed Aidan's vision. Aidan feeds off goodness and Xena will attack him in the event of possibly losing all the good in herelf. Xena becomes pure evil and appears very animal-like to give Aidan nothing to take from her.

• Xena attacks Aidan while he attempts to drain Gabrielle, but he's able to use his mind and attack her, without laying a hand on her. Xena fakes defeat, but Aidan gets close to her and she attacks him physically. She only gets a few hits until he attacks with him mind again. Gabby starts to turn blue in her sculpture position while Aidan gets weaker and draws energy from Gabby. Gabby comes out of it in time to stop her from killing Gar. Xena tosses the sword through Aidan and he, along with the vision of paradise, dies.

• They appear where they started, before Gabby was dressed. Gar explains that he embraces his demons and they protected him from Aidan. Xena knew that by attempting to kill Gar would snap Gabby out of it. Gabrielle says it's ironic that Xena's darkside saved them both.

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