4.14 Devi 4.14 Devi
1st Airdate:
February 14th, 1999
Writer: Chris Manheim
Director: Garth Maxwell
Guest Appearances:
Eli ~ Timothy Omundson



• Gabrielle is enthralled by the culture of India.  Gabrielle does yoga. They watch a magic show where the magician raises a rope up the the sky. He asks for a volunteer to prove that the rope is floating freely. Gabrielle shoves Xena forward and Xena cuts the rope at it's base, but it still floats. The magician's assistant Mia climbs the rope to the top and he makes her vanish. When he commands her to return, body parts fall from where she disappeared from and everyone gasps. The magician puts the body parts in a chest and says he can save her. He opens the chest and Mia stands up, but apparently possessed. She grabs two swords and attempts to kill the magician. When he yells that this isn't part of the act, Xena jumps in and whips Mia across the road.

• Mia attacks Xena again, but Xena knocks her back to the ground. Mia convulses on the ground and Gabrielle approaches her. A spirit leaves Mia and floats around. It disappears above Gabrielle and everyone calls Gabrielle a Devi, a healer, who exorcised the demon. Everyone calls the magician a demon and demand his death. Xena & him go into a box to hide and when they reopen the box, they are gone. The people start to worship Gabrielle.

• Xena hides Eli, the magician, in a temple. Eli wants to know if she's a devi. Xena says she's not, but she can't explain how she exorcised the demon. The men vow to fight for her. A woman places a dot on her head.

• The towns people take Gabrielle to a building and worship her as a devi. She denies it, but ends up curing a blind man. Eli hypnotizes Xena, but she fakes being under his control. Eli apologizes for trying to trick her and tells how he saved a man years ago and wants to understand Gabrielle's powers. The magistrate comes into the temple calling Xena evil.

• Later, Gabrielle rubs Xena's back and tells her that she healed someone. She feels she has a spirit inside her. Gabrielle has always dreamed of being able to heal people. She says she understands the power to control life and death.

• Xena tests Gabrielle to make sure she's who she was. When they go outside, the people are there to worship Gabrielle again. Xena goes to find Eli, but finds the priest hung. Eli denies killing him.

• Gabrielle walks through the town being followed by the people. They notice the bodyguards are gone. Eli looks into Gabrielle's eyes and runs. He runs into a savage dog. Then he runs into more. They chase him through the town until he runs into Xena. She slows them down and they make their way to cover.

• They run into Gabrielle , knocking pearls given to her out of her hands and the dogs leave. Eli asks for her to free him. She apparently levitates him clearing his name of evil. Gabrielle says she never levitated him. Xena confronts Eli in the temple. He bottles some holy water. They find a picture of a demon Tataka who looks like Gabrielle. Eli tells Xena how Tataka  tricked people into thinking she healed them when all she did was send them to fight for her.

• Xena finds that Gabrielle wears the exact same outfit in the picture with the same look as Tataka. Later, Xena talks with Gabrielle in her dress made of pearls. Gabrielle finds the holy water and pours it on herself to prove she's not evil. Xena explains that a priest must pour the water and that she took all the holy water to keep Eli here. Gabrielle tries to convince Xena she isn't evil.

• In the temple, Eli is attacked, Xena enters and fights the attacker. The attacker is the man who Gabrielle cured of blindness. She throws the holy water to Eli and tells him to use it on the attacker. It burns and kills the attacker. Xena figures that Eli is the devi and Gabrielle is Tataka. He is the one who exorcised the demon from Mia to Gabrielle. Xena awakes Gabrielle to help Xena heal Eli. When she realizes the guard she sent to kill Eli isn't back, Gabrielle realizes Xena is tricking her, especially when she calls her Tataka. Gabrielle says she sent backup to kill Eli. Xena leaves to find him.

• She  finds him and tells him he has to help save Gabrielle. He refuses, so Xena says she'll perform an exorcism. Eli says she'll need an icon of Gabrielle's. Tataka orders that Xena must die.

• Xena hides outside Tataka's home. She enters looking for an icon of Gabrielle's. She finds a quill. She goes back outside to find townsmen fighting while Tataka watches. Xena confronts Tataka and battles her. Tataka laughs at her attempt to exorcise her and knocks the water from her hands. Xena strikes her and Tataka lands on hot coals, but survives. She licks Xena's face and burns it. She fights Xena pretty well because Xena's holding back, not wanting to harm Gabrielle's body.. Xena lands on a bed of nails and Tataka jumps on her back. Xena gets out and pins Tataka and plans to kill her. Eli appears and says he'll exorcise her. Tataka attacks Eli, but Xena puts the pinch on Tataka and gives Eli 30 seconds to save her. Eli doubts himself, but Xena gives him strength and he exorcises the demon. She undoes the pinch and cradles Gabrielle.

• Eli is revered as the Devi and he leaves the town. Gabrielle tries to explain that there's powers of healing that are good and bad; he has the good. She offers to travel with them, but he refuses. He says he's not alone.

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