pic 4.15 Between The Lines
1st Airdate:
February 21st, 1999
Writer: Steven L. Sears
Director: Rick Jacobson
Guest Appearances:
Alti ~ Claire Stansfield



• What we sow in our life, we reap in our future lives. That is our karma. From the blue Xena scroll.

• Xena tries on a new outfit. At first she doesn't like it, but after being able to do a flip/kick in it, she likes it. Gabrielle notices a procession with a woman being carried to a public square. A mummified body is burned on a funeral pyre. The woman is lifted up about to be tossed into the fire as well, but Xena interferes. When asked what she did, they say her husband died, and as by law, she must join him. Xena says she'll break the law. She fights off the guards and then runs off with Gabrielle and the woman. While trapped in a building, Xena searches for a window. The woman, Niami, starts to dance in front of Xena and creates a sphere of magic. She engulfs Xena in the magic and sends her into the future.

• Xena finds herself in an crippled old woman's body with the words of Niami in her head. "Don't worry, Xena, you are on a journey to save your karma."

• Amanestra, the great peace-maker, who's body Xena is in, squares off against a female warlord, Kinden. Before she can do anything, catapults from the outside attack the village and a battle ensues. Soldiers enter the village to rescue Amanestra. Xena grabs the hand of Kinden and sees that she is Alti. Alti says she's finally found Xena's soul.

• Back in the present, Gabrielle searches for Xena. She asks Niami where she is, but doesn't get a straight answer. Niami performs another enchantment around Gabrielle.

• Alti interogates a soldier to find out where Amenestra is hidden. She torments the soldier with the torment of a thousand lifetimes. But he dies. Alti plans on capturing Xena and becoming the destroyer of nations.

• Niami explains the nature of the universe in the magic. The magic returns to Niami . She explains that Xena has gone to fought an evil in the future who threatens to kill Xena & her karmic cycle in future lives.

• Xena heals the leader, Shanti, that Alti shot with an arrow.

• Niami teaches Gabrielle the Mindi, the power to enlighten. She must use the power to trap the evil soul and bring it back to be killed. Niami sends Gabrielle to the future to join Xena. She told her where to find the tools in the future to use the Mindi.

• Gabrielle becomes Shanti. Xena  realizes he's Gabrielle. After telling the guard to leave, Gabrielle explains that they must use the Mindi to defeat an evil. Xena gives the evil a name, Alti! Gabrielle explains that they must bring Alti back to the past. Xena explains they must also help Shanti's people.

• Alti plans to sacrifice a child. Xena walks up to Alti before she kills the child. Xena uses the fact that Alti doesn't know who her enemy is in the past who helped Xena. Alti decides not to kill the child.

• Meanwhile, Gabrielle looks for the tools of the Mindi hidden by Niami in the past.

• Xena realizes Alti found her power in the karmic circle. She realizes fear is the key to everyone's cycle of power. Before Alti finds out who sent her, Gabrielle's men attack. Xena frees the imprisoned people during the battle. Alti attempts to kill Gabrielle and Xena almost kills Alti, but a soldier screams out that she mustn't kill. He is killed by Alti instead. He saved Armanestra's karmic soul. Both Xena & Gabrielle are captured.

• Xena takes care of Gabrielle as she lies unconcious. Alti realizes Shanti is Gabrielle. Alti wants to sacrifice Armanestra in front of the people on the stakes.

• Xena gives Gabrielle the tools of the Mindi the dying guard gave her and she uses it to paint the designs on her body and Xena's. In a flashback to the past, Niami has been caught and is ready to be killed to be with her husband. In the present, Alti puts up the stakes.

• Xena & Gabrielle perform the Mindi when Alti enters the room, creating the spell to send themselves and Alti to the past in time to save Niami. Alti attacks Xena with the powers of the shamaness she had lost. She makes Xena feel the pain of being hit by the log trap in the Quest.

•  She makes Xena relive another past battle. Xena attacks Alti straight on, but also gives her direct contact to use her power to make her relive her battle with Callisto & the Deliverer. Gabrielle attacks Alti, but she snaps her staff in half and gives Gabrielle the vision of her future demise of crucifixation with Xena.

• "You bitch!!" Xena screams. Alti makes her relive her legs being broken. Gabrielle feels the crucifixation. Xena tosses her chakram at Alti cutting off Gabrielle's hair thus releasing her hold on her. The chakram returns & hits Xena in the face right as Alti makes her relive another battle with Callisto. Niami enters the battle. Alti recognizes her as the Darsha, the enlightened one. Alti attempts to take Niami's powers but fails. The Mindi designs begin to glow on Gabrielle & Xena's  bodies and they use it to attack Alti. Xena realizes that Niami isn't Alti's enemy, it's the Mindi. Gabrielle traps Alti's body with the Mindi as Xena creates magical chakrams. Alti deflects them as they are thrown, but Xena keeps recreating them, finally finishing off Alti with two of them. Xena crawls to Gabrielle. Niami explains that Alti wasn't killed, but weakened to return another day. She also tells them they are to forever be together along the lines of the Mindi. Niami vanishes in a wake of light, also curing Xena & Gabrielle of their wounds.

• Xena adds a chakram design to her foot with the Mindi. Gabrielle approaches Xena with her hair shortened. She says she realizes she looks more like the vision. They realize their souls are intertwined and they'll be together forever. Gabrielle asks how she will recognize Xena, and she contines the chakram design with a cross, the sign of a female.  

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