4.16 The Way 4.16 The Way
1st Airdate:
February 28th, 1999
Writer: R.J. Stewart
Director: John Fawcett
Guest Appearances:
Eli ~ Timothy Omundson



• Gabrielle admires a river while Xena finds the cons about it. Xena's thinking of reincarnation when Gabrielle asks her of her own spiritual quest. Xena attacks an eel  in the river that turns into a masked demon. He releases some bugs that land on the ground and turn into masked demons like him. As the battle ensues, the creatures are defeated and turned to dust. They ask the last one who's trying to stop them from getting to the avatar, a diety given human form. He admits that the King of Demons is out to stop them.

• Later, around the campfire as Gabrielle tends to Xena's wound, Xena worries that her foretold karmic future of being a saint is a sign that she should stop being a warrior now. By allowing herself to be hurt, she wonders if she's losing her focus because of her self questioning.

• They find the avatar, it is Eli! A group of people seek him out. A man brings his daughter to him to heal her. Eli cradles the girl and moments later she awakes. The people start to bow to Eli like a god. Eli walks away as Xena & Gabrielle chase them. They stop him and find out he's terrified of his powers. Xena senses something watching them. Eli says what comes comes and wants no ones help, but they insist.

• That night, a creature approaches Eli and he jumps up. Xena runs in and attacks him, but he stops her cold and holds her back. His appearance is that of a white ape. Hanuman is his name, he's been following them. He wants to help him. He's helped other avatars before. He suggests they go to Krishna's temple for help.

• The next day, Hanuman jumps inoto the tree and Xena follows while Eli & Gabrielle hide out. Indrajit attacks from the sky. He assisted Rama when he killed Indrajit's father.

• Gabrielle wants to know the TRUTH. Eli tells her it's life, we must revere it wherever we find it. He must teach mankind this. He will not fight, he will break the cycle through nonviolence.

• Hanuman is immortal and tells Xena  that you must know the way. His is one of obedience and loyalty. He says Xena is too proud. Xena questions that she is inbetween two ways. Xena sees Indrajit in the sky and they join Gabrielle & Eli.

• When they reach the village, the people come to Eli and worship the avatar. They are about the enter the temple and tell the people of Indrajit's coming. The people want to fight, but Eli will not have fighting in his defense. The people go to safety while they enter the temple. They see the statue of Krishna and Hanuman says he can take any form. Hanuman senses Gabrielle's trouble with Eli's TRUTH.

• Meanwhile outside Xena is attacked by the masked demons again. Eli senses the attack. Xena is outnumbered. Eli & Gabrielle leave the temple to help Xena. Indrajit approaches the village on a flying carpet. He grabs Eli and flies off. But he senses something in Gabrielle and returns for her. Xena tries to stop him, but he grabs Gabrielle as well and flies off.

• Hanuman and Xena enter the temple. He says they went to the land of demons. Hanuman says they have to get Krishna's attention. He says Xena must pray to him, someone who doesn't believe in Gods.

• Gabrielle and Eli are 'let' out of the carpet and imprisoned. Gabrielle is impatient with Eli's non-way of violence.

• Xena starts to pray. Indigrin approaches Eli and tries to appeal to his nonviolent side. Eli tells him that's not possible to be on the same side. Indrajit recognizes Gabrielle as Eli's first real disciple. Indrajit threatens to torture Gabrielle.

• Xena realizes she has reached Krishna. He approaches Xena and tells her she must embrace the way. She says she doesn't get it, that it's not for her. She says she's an ass kicking warrior. He tells her she must continue her way of the warrior this life. She says she finally understands. He tells her that when she attacks Indrajit, all she need do is call Krishna's name.

• Eli & Gabrielle meditate. Gabrielle hears Xena's voice in her head. She looks around. Eli tells her to be careful. She sees Xena chained up and almost beaten to death.  A warrior is about ti run Xena through, Gabrielle attacks the demon to save Xena, but Xena turns into Indrajit and grabs her by the throat. HE uses her against Eli as he feels her pain. Eli refuses to hjoin him and he threatens to kill her.

• Xena uses the chakram to chop off Indrajit's hand, releasing Gabrielle. Indrajit transforms into a six armed craeture. He grabs six weapons and hurls them at Xena. She reflects them with a shield and battles him two arms against six. He throws Xena but she comes back. He chops off both of her arms! She whispers Krishna's name....

• In fury, Gabrielle attacks Indrajit with her staff, but he snatches it away from her, sets fire toboth ends of it and twirls it toward Gabrielle. A hint of laughter fills the room and Indrajit turns to find it. Xena's body is gone and a shadow lurks in the background. Suddenly a six armed creature jumps from teh dark and attacks Indrajit! It's Xena, transformed! He defends himself and battles against her. At one point, she stabs him with a dagger her used to pin her arm to the wall, while it is still in her hand. The battle continues until Indrajit falls and the six armed 'Xena' chops his head off. Suddenly, Xena is transformed back into herself, with her arms intact.

• Later, they say goodbye to Eli as heheads home to his people, who he feels will be the most receptive to him. Gabrielle tells him that she failed him and he tells her failure doesn't matter, trying again does. But she must try 100%.

• Xena finds Gabrielle later tossing her staff into the river and smiling. She says she's going the way of the truth, love and that she knows Xena's path is that of the warrior. Xena believes that this means that they'll go seperate ways now, but Gabrielle tells her they stay together, because all rivers lead to the same place, as will they together.

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