4.17 The Play's The Thing 4.17 The Play's The Thing
1st Airdate:
March 21st, 1999
Guest Appearances:
Zara ~ Jennifer Ward-Leland
Joxer ~ Ted Raimi

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• Gabrielle, with a crown of flowers, wants to get her one of the scrolls she left behind while Xena goes to help the Prince of Arkon. When Gabrielle returns to the town, she finds Joxer who is surprised by Gabrielle's new look. Zara, a producer of plays, returns her scroll to her. Zara wants to produce the story of the scroll.  Gabrielle decides to rewrite the scroll for their play and send word to Xena. Zara laughs as they leave. She plans to use this to her advantage.

• Gabrielle and Joxer go to the Apollo playhouse.The place is a pit, but Gabrielle thinks it can be cleaned up. Zara asks Gabrielle to be the director. She will take care of casting, rehearsals, etc. Joxer is her assistant. Joxer puts up signs for a audition.

• Gabrielle helps pick a Xena & a Gabrielle. As soon as Gabrielle chooses a Xena, Minya shows up to play the role. Gabrielle offers to cast her in another role. Suddenly a Centaur arrives, Dustiness, very full of himself, shows up and is put in the play.

• Gabrielle finds out that Sophocles is also having a play the same night. She worries that she won't have an audience, but then realizes that warlords like this her message of peace. Zara makes an offer to two warlords for 75% profits, for each. She believes the play will bomb and the warlords will take that out on Gabrielle.

• Zara pushes Joxer to ask for more responsibilities as the producer. Gabrielle talks to the cast. Gabrielle plays herself. Later, during a rehearsal. Gabrielle loves the direction of the play, but no one else is excited. They suggest more action, more fighting. Joxer initiates a few changes.

• Gabrielle mediates to relieve her anger and returns to the cast. During the next rehearsal, she sees the wardrobe changes. Joxer also added more blood, more sex. Gabrielle refuses to turn her play to garbage and tells anyone to leave who wants to.

• Gabrielle visits Sophocles for advice. She sees that his play is full of sex and blood, showgirls and fighting. She returns to the Apollo and tells them to add more skin, more blood, more action! She plans on being heard!

• Joxer puts up new signs for a more violent play. Minya laughs at how bad Paulina is and they fight. Gabrielle tells Zara they need more money. Zara plans to speak to Creon, a warlord Xena defeated twice, and tell him that the play will have Xena's secrets in them. Joxer announces that their first night is sold out. Gabrielle hears that and no longer doubts that she has gone crazy.

• The first warlords sneak in to watch the play. They both love the play, so Zara plans to trick Gabrielle into going back to her play of love and peace. Zara tells the cast and crew that the warlords are energized by the message of her play. Gabrielle realizes she's lost her vision, and they plan on returning to that script, to Zara's pleasure!

• Opening night, the seats fill. Joxer tells Gabrielle that there are critics out there. Creon knocks Joxer out behind the scenes. The other two warlords sit amungst the audience.

• The curtain opens to Gabrielle's play A Message of Peace. Creon jumps on stage and readies to attack Xena. The REAL Xena also arrives and kicks Creon's tail. Xena realized that Zara was the Queen of Cons and came to stop her. The warlords are enraged and fly to the stage. Xena fights them all as the audience watches. The rest of the cast also attack the warlords. Gabrielle has the audience stop Zara. Joxer tries to stop Creon again, but fails. Xena stops Creon and the other warlords. The crowd gives them a standing ovation.

• Minya realizes after she gets to know Paulina that she's a thespian. Gabrielle hopes that her message of peace touches at least one person. Joxer is left hanging on the set.