4.18 The Convert 4.18 The Convert
1st Airdate:
April 25, 1999
Guest Appearances:
Najara ~ Kathryn Morris
Joxer ~ Ted Raimi
Episode Disclaimer:
Argo's gastronomical condition was cleared up upon the completion of this motion picture. 

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• Soldiers are attacking a temple full of priests and killing several of them when Xena arrives on the scene kicking some booty. Gabrielle and Joxer enter as the remaining priests run off. Gabrielle approaches a young boy standing over a dead body. When he turns around, he is holding a knife that's deep in his abdomen. He asks them to save 'the officiants' and dies.

• Outside, the warlord kicks a woman on the ground asking her who sent her. Xena shows up and attacks them. Gabrielle 'blows' sand into the eyes of some of the soldiers instead of fighting while Joxer fends a few soldiers off. Xena shoves the warlord away and right into the dagger that Joxer is holding. The warlord falls and dies while Joxer stands above him mortified of his first kill. Gabrielle discovers that the woman on the ground is Najara.

• Xena tends to Najara's wounds after finding out she escaped from prison. The ladies they saved say that Najara isn't evil and that she didn't lift a hand toward Crihton. They return to the village. Xena plans on returning Najara to prison.

• The town is very happy that Crihton is dead and want to buy Joxer a drink for killing him. Gabrielle cradles Najara while she chokes on water. Najara claims to have stopped fighting. Xena doesn't believe her but Gabrielle does. Crihton turns out to have a kid who will extract revenge on his father's murderer. Joxer, intoxicated, plans on telling Crihton's son the truth that he killed his father.

• Najara says that the Djin stopped talking to her until she stopped fighting. Najara says that she met Eli who was coming back from India and Eli told her way is that of peace, non violence. The Djin told Najara that Gabrielle and her would meet again and bond in non violence and a reverance for life.

• Joxer is haunted by the death of Crihton. Xena talks with Joxer about his first kill. She says the guilt never goes away, she just lives with it. She says going to tell his son should help.

• Xena & Gabrielle talk about Gabrielle's new fighting tactics. Xena asks her to talk with Joxer. Gabrielle tells Xena that Eli is the one who taught Najara her way of peace.

• Joxer meets Crihton's son, Armen. Armen thinks Joxer is there to bring his son to his father. He was told his father was a hero. Armen is told that his father was killed in a fight yesterday. Joxer doesn't tell he killed Crihton. Najara tells him revenge isn't the answer, but he plans on killing his father's murderer.

• Joxer refuses to tell him the truth. He doesn't want to tell him that his father was a murderer. He wants Armen to remember his father as a hero.

• Gabrielle bathes Najara & tends to her wounds. They talk about the hospice they almost started. Gabrielle knows her place is with Xena.

• Joxer is confronted by a rebellious warrior who wants to fight him for killing Crihton. Xena scares him away after Armen fails to stop him.

• Xena brushes Argo and then eats with Gabrielle. Gabrielle tries to persuade Xena to not take Najara back to prison. Xena tells Gabrielle to just say no to Najara once to test her. Joxer almost tells Armen the truth, but doesn't. Armen was told by Xena that Joxer is the one who wanted Armen to know about his father so he wouldn't hear it from someone else.

• Najara slowly tries to escape by loosening her ropes. No one is happy with Gabrielle's cooking. Joxer is uncomfortable with the entire charade. Najara tells Armen the truth about Joxer killing his father who was a tyrant. Armen finds the dagger in Joxer's pack. Armen threatens to kill Joxer to avenge his father.

• Xena fights Armen to keep him away from Joxer. Armen decides to not kill Joxer in memory of his father. Armen leaves camp in the middle of the night and Xena follows. She tells Armen he his ten times better than his father.

• Xena & Gabrielle argue about Najara's fate.  Armen returns to warn that Crihton's army approach to kill Joxer. Armen considers Joxer his hero. Armen & Joxer run off with Argo. Xena is attacked and Gabrielle tries to help her, but Najara holds her back by her hair. Najara wants Gabrielle to hear the Djin like she says. Najara attacks Xena after Gabrielle blows smoke in her face.

• They climb the trees and battle on vines. Najara claims the light will triumph. Najara grabs the dagger that Joxer used to kill Crihton. While trying to kill Xena, the dagger is thrusted into her own abdomen and she falls into a coma. They returned her to prison.