Takes One 4.19 Takes One To Know One
1st Airdate:
May 2nd, 1999
Guest Appearances:
Autolycus ~ Bruce Campbell
Joxer ~ Ted Raimi
Minya ~ Allison Wall
Cyrene ~ Darien Takle
Lila ~ Willa O'Neill
Episode Disclaimer:

Argo is once again proven innocent during the production of this motion picture.

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Xena rides into Amphipolis on a dark and stormy night. She enters her mother's tavern and all the lights are out. As she walks through the entry way, she quickly reaches out into the dark and pulls a hidden figure in front of herself and holds a dagger to his throat. The lights go on and Lila, Minya and Xena's Cyrene yell out "Surprise!" The man Xena's holding is Joxer and she let's go of him. Xena tells them Gabrielle isn't coming until tomorrow, which is her birthday anyways. Xena walks over to another person in the bar who's hidden by a hood and cloak. Turns out to be Autolycus just passing through.

Sitting behind Cyrene at the bar is a blond woman who looks suspicious. Xena is offered a room by her mother and she goes to bed. In the middle of the night, Xena hear a loud noise. She looks out her window and sees a figure running from the tavern. She quickly goes to her mother's room and finds it empty. She crashes through the blond woman's bedroom door and finds her dead on the floor with a dagger in her chest. Suddenly the Goddess Discord appears claiming to be appointed Goddess of Retribution by Ares. She said she's after the murderer of the blond. Xena is given until sunrise to find the killer or she'll take one of her friends and family. Discord disappears with her enterage of shirtless soldiers....

Xena wakes everyone up. She tells them of Discord's countdown. THey go through Ravenika's bag. They find manacles, muzzles, leather bonds, all tools for a bounty hunter. Cyrene noticed the marking on Ravenika's arm while she was serving her. Xena tells her mom that she went to her room and she wasn't there. Cyrene says she was in the kitchen when she heard the crash. 

Inside the bag they find a wanted poster for Xena. They find a bag of rocks, that were probably jewels. Minya admits to know her. She said she slowed down their bounty's by cutting the tendons on their horses. Minya takes them to identify the body while Joxer steals a piece of parchment from Ravenika's bag.

Gabrielle arrives to tell there's a bounty hunter after Xena, but then sees her dead on the ground.

Autolycus suggests that Cyrene killed the bounty hunter because she was after Xena. Autolycus tries to leave, but is hit by Discor when she arrives. Discord pulls a bow & arrow out and fires at Cyrne. Xena deflects it with her chakram. Xena tells her she isn't the killer and that Discord gave her until sunrise. Discord creates an hourglass that will run out of time. Xena questions why Autolycus is in such a hurry. Gabrielle walks in with Diamonds she found in Autolycus' bag that spilled when Discord hit him. Xena noticed that someone else went through Raveneka's bag that is missing a scroll. Xena could smell lavender perfume on her bag. Lila is the only person who wears lavender perfume.

Xena, Gabby & Autolycus go back to the scene of the crime. Gabby finds a stick on the groun but doesn't know what it's for. Xena counts five candles on the ground and only 4 candle holders. Autolycus figures out the door was locked from the inside. Xena finds a rash on Ravenika's neck, probably from food poisoning. She also finds a bump and red ink on her head. 

Xena asks the group who owns the dagger. Minya admits that it's her knife. Xena says the knife didn't kill her, something else did. Gabrielle admits that she killed Ravenika. Gabrielle ran into Ravenika two days ago. She heard she was after Xena so she gave her some of Joxer's gravy recipe. Apparently it killed her. Discord arrives again after Gabby admits it. Xena shows her that the gravy wasn't even eaten. Discord shortens the time left and disappears again. 

Xena turns to Joxer and pulls out the piece of scroll her took from Ravenika's things. Joxer admits that it started when he got a love note from Lila dosed with Lavender perfume. Joxer admitted borrowing some scribes form one of Gabrielle's scrolls. Ravenika came into Joxer's room thinking he was Jett, his assassin twin brother. Ravenika rips a piece of the scroll and leaves. He ends up knocking her in the head with red ink. Later Joxer went to Ravenika's room to get his scroll back and found Jett's wanted poster in her bag and he stole it. Joxer was about the leave when he heard Ravenika and Autolycus arguing. He snuck out the window where Argo was.

Autolycus admits that he knew her. He argued with her about stealing her diamonds. He suggests he kissed her. But Joxer said he heard it differently. He heard Autolycus defending the bounty on Xena. When Autolycus admits to defending Xena, Discord arrives again. Xena stops her again, but now she says she'll take them all if the real murderer isn't found.

Cyrene says she heard Lila and Minya talking in the tavern. Minya had given Lila her knife and Lila left the room to go outside. Lila snuck into the stables to release Ravenika's horse. But Ravenika approached her in the stable. Lila was shaking when she took the knife. Ravenika heard voices in her room and left with the knife. Xena remembers seeing the person outside. Minya had went into Ravenika's room to draw her back inside. That's where the fifth candle came from. Ravenika returned before Minya left her room. Minya dropped the candle and ran from the room. Ravenika never followed her.

Again, Discord arrives with all her boy toys. So she comes to take them all. The gang fends off Discord's soldiers. Xena figures out what happens when he sees Minya swing the chandelier at one of the soldiers. Xena tells Discord who did it. She tells her if she's not satisfied that she can take Xena.

They go back into Ravenika's room and Xena sets up the scene. Ravenika had planned on killing Argo by cutting her tendons. Argo back kicked and knocked Ravenika through the window and it locked itself. Ravenika hit the chandelier and fell on the ground. The knife flew upa and landed in her chest. Ravenika stood up and the chandelier hit her again and it shovesd the knife all the way in. Argo killed her in self defense. Discord leaves very mad.

The next day, Autolycus sets up some diamonds for Cyrene to find for blaming her for murder. Xena apologizes for pointing the finger at her mother too. Everyone then comes out with a cake with candles and sing "For shes another year older and that's a crying shame." and "She'll never get any younger...."