4.2 Adventures in the Sin Trade 4.2 Adventures in the Sin Trade
(Part 2)

1st Airdate:
October 11th, 1998
Writer: Robert Tapert & R.J. Stewart
Director: T.J. Scott
Guest Appearances:
Borias ~ Marton Csokas
Alti ~ Claire Stansfield
Otere ~ Sheeri Rappaport
Cyane ~ Vicky Pratt

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Remember when Gabrielle was in the Amazon healing hut in Bitter Suite? We find Otere in her place in the opening of this episode with Xena as her massuese. Xena tells her the story of her first encounter with the Siberian Amazons & Cyane. Xena had snuck into the Amazon camp to execute the Amazon Queen Cyane. But after falling through the roof and attempting to attack Cyane, Xena found herself overmatched by Cyane. Cyane stole her clothes and quickly wrapped them on herself. She then chases Xena out of the camp and almost killed her before Borias rode up. Borias reinstated how important the alliance was with him & the Amazons and Cyane trusted him. She allowed Xena to go. After telling Otere this, Otere mentioned that Xena had killed her father those many years ago. Xena knew that and asked not for forgiveness, but a chance to help them against Alti and fulfill Otere's destiny.

Xena readied the remaining Amazons to face off against Alti. She has one of the Amazons become a new shamaness. She knew pure physical force wouldn't defeat her, so she prepared them for a spiritual war. This was a good idea because Alti was pulling lost souls from the land of the dead to attack the Amazons and break their spirits. Xena & the Amazons make it to the end of their spiritual ritual and Xena makes it to the spiritual plane, but the Amazons don't get a chance as the lost souls attack and possess 5 of the Amazons, including Otere. Xena reenters her body and fends them off. She tells the Amazons to fight with their will against the demons and they win.

Xena & the Amazons head towards Alti's lair. En route, Xena realizes that Alti has been misleading them and that her actual base is the Amazon burial grounds. They make camp, but Xena senses Alti and has the Amazons set up a charm barrier to fend Alti off. She doesn't totally rely on this though and stays up to protect them herself. Before the Amazons get some rest, Xena tells them more about her past. Xena remembers Cyane's attempts to get her to join the Amazons. Alti warns Xena not to join them because she can provide her with spiritual power beyond her imaginatino. Cyane approaches Xena & Alti and they engage in a spiritual battle. Cyane wins and she tells Xena side with us and fight for life or join with Alti and fight for death.

Alti makes her way to Xena though, through a spider that lands on her face. Xena is faced with the past again when Alti shows her that when she was pregnant with Solan, she curses his soul so that he'd never know the love of his mother or father. That curse worked apparently. Xena opens her eyes and sees the spider on her face. But the face of the spider becomes Gabrielle's. Then Xena looks up and sees Gabrielle standing above her. This image turns into Alti as Alti asks in feat who the blond one is. Xena tells her she's all the good & innocent that can defeat Alti's evil. The spider bites Xena and knocks her out.

The Amazons wake up and find Xena unconcious and carry her toward the burial ground. Not long afterwards, Xena awakes and is more determined than ever.

They approach the burial ground where the skeleton of Amazons hang from most of the trees. The Amazons prepare to honor Xena, but she tells them everything they should know about her past before they follow her. In the past, Xena approaches Cyane and the Amazon leaders as they honor one of their dead. In conversation, Xena tells them it was herself that killed the Amazon they were honoring. Cyane and the Amazon leaders attack Xena, but one by one she kills them all, even down to the last one, Cyane herself. Cyane asks why and Xena tells her Alti made her a better deal.

After telling the Amazons this, Xena senses Alti coming and hits all the Amazons with her nerve pinch, killing them all. She arises from her body in spiritual form and asks the Amazons the join her while she fights Alti. Their spirits go into Xena and Alti arrives. They start flying through the air hitting each other while their unconcious bodies take the hits. Alti grabs Xena and shows her visions of her future. Xena sees herself standing in the middle of a burning village. Then she sees herself battling someone. Alti tells her that she wants Xena to feel the pain of her death in the future. Xena can see herself in a winter in the future being bound to a cross about to by crucified and she turns over to see short haired Gabrielle being crucified to another cross. She tells her she's the best thing that ever happened to her and Gabrielle tells her she loves Xena. Seeing this vision only strengthens Xena now because she knows that if Gabrielle's alive in the future that she's not dead now!! She overtakes Alti and impales her through a branch on a tree, killing her spirit and body. Cyane and the Amazons in the land of the dead finally see the opening to Eternity.

Xena awakens in her own body and undoes the nerve pinch on her neck and then the other Amazons too. She tells Otere that her destiny is fulfilled, that she is to be leader of the Amazons. Otere asks where she is going and Xena lifts her palms where she felt the nails of the future crucification and tells her 'home'.

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