The Ides of March 4.21 The Ides of March
1st Airdate:
May 16th, 1999
Writer: RJ Stewart
Director: Ken Girotti
Guest Appearances:
Callisto ~ Hudson Leick
Caesar ~ Karl Urban
Brutus ~ David Franklin
Amarice ~ Jennifer Sky
Eli ~ Tim Omundson

Episode Disclaimer:
Xena and Gabrielle were killed during the production of this motion picture.


• In the depths of darkness, screams of terror and angst fill the air. Temptation with no salvation is everyone's penance in this purgatory. Dying of thirst only feet away from a ladel of water. Hanging by a noose but not dead yet. A vision of the two people you hate most taunting you to fly into a rage and strike at them, only to have them vanish for the millionth time. This is Calliso's hell.

• Callisto crouches with her sword in her hand haunted by vision of Gabrielle and Xena. Her torment goes deep and she is still filled with much anger. Another tenant of hell is spurned off by Callisto every time he shows his want to be with her. This is his hell. He tells her that she should be nicer since he told HIM about her vengeance. He tells Callisto that he wanted Xena to be in hell too, but she won't be coming her on her current path of redemption. Knowing HIM to be the Lord of this inferno, she accepts an offer to turn Xena off her path without physically harming her and to help Julius Caesar to his ascension as Emperor.

• Gabrielle and Xena approach the dock looking for a ship back to Athens. Amarice, the young rebellious Amazon who followed them, is outraged at the fact of having to hunt down their friend Eli. She doesn't understand the non-violence approach and there's no time to explain as a spear almost cuts through them all. Xena returns the fight to the men trying to capture her. She defeats at least a dozen of them and puts the pinch on the last to find out why they are after her. Six million dinars are on her head by Julius Caesar himself. Xena decides that this battle has gone on too long and is going to end it once and for all by killing Caesar. Gabrielle tries to convince her not to, but Xena is set on her way of the warrior against evil and Gabrielle promises to stay behind with Amarice.

• Caesar sits up in his bed in anguish just having woke from a dream... a dream that turns to reality when Callisto speaks to Caesar at his bedside. She knows he is tormented by Xena and promises to help him receive his rightful power and stop Xena at the same time.

• Later that day, Caesar enters his room after passing two guards who salute him. One of the guards is Xena herself and she knocks the other out cold. She grabs her chakram and plans on making this swirft and easy. She enters the room and tosses the chakram. It bounces off the wall three times before it glides millimeters from Caesar's throat. It's velocity halted by the grasp of Callisto's hand. She holds the chakram and smiles as Caesar calls in the guards. Xena once again battles against the numbers and escapes out the window.

• While trying to get away, Callisto appears next to her. Xena swings her sword ferociously at her but can't harm her. Callisto thanks Xena for trying to give her oblivion, but apparently she wasn't to get away from her crimes that easily. 'THEY' judged her and sentenced her to hell. She now serves the Lord of that hell (can anyone say Satan?) and has an offer for Xena. Callisto tells Xena that Gabrielle will be captured by the Romans. Xena knows that Caesar is planning on becoming Emperor but will no longer listen and leaves Callisto, but Callisto won't be leaving Xena....

• Gabrielle and Amarice find Eli after he healed a paralized boy. They talk of non-violence against Amarice's  aggreisve debate. But it soon turns sour when Brutus and his troop show up to capture Gabrielle and the group. Gabrielle tries to reason with Brutus since they came to a bit of an understanding, but Brutus trusts Caesar totally and carries out his orders. He takes them to a prison where they walk past dozens of crucified men pinned above the snowy ground. Once inside the prison, Amarice tries to escape, but fails and is almost killed, if not for the intervention of Gabrielle who asks mercy from Brutus.

• Later, Brutus and his troops have left the prison and Brutus seeks to relieve himself. As he goes to the bathroom by a bush, Xena comes up from behind him. He's startled at first not knowing what to expect from her, but he doesn't get attacked. She offers him information that will save his life if he gives her the location of Gabrielle. He gives his word and Xena tells Brutus that Caesar plans on declaring himself Emperor on the Ides of March. Then he will eliminate anyone who stands in his way. He won't be able to kill Brutus in Rome, but he plans on sending him to Gall where mercenaries there will do that for him. Brutus tells her where Gabrielle is, but still refuses to believe her words about Caesar. Xena starts to walk away, but turns to ask if it snowing at the prison. Brutus says yes it is.

• Xena reaches the base of the mountain where the prison is, but Callisto appears once more. She tells Xena that she will give Xena peace by taking away her guilt that motivates her. All Xena has to do is to give up the way of the warrior and Callisto will free them all and her and Gabrielle will live happily ever after. Xena realizes it is a trick and plans to carry out her path of redemption to the end, no matter the cost.

• Xena rides into the prison in a wagon of dead bodies they just took down from the crosses. Callisto appears with her one last time to change her mind. Xena refuses, jumps out and enters the prison. Callisto gives up and does a battle cry so that the guards know Xena is there. Xena frees Gabrielle, Eli, Amarice and his followers and they leave the cells. Xena and Amarice battle against the guard battalion while Eli and his followers escape the prison. Callisto stands on the prison walls shaking her head in disbelief that Xena is actually winning.

• Brutus arrives in Roma to find a congratulatory Caesar. Brutus asks if he plans on crucifying Gabrielle when he told him that he wouldn't. Caesar tells him he must to get Xena's attention. He also tells Brutus that he plans on making a big announcement and Brutus may not like it at first. He says he has a mission for him in Gall, and that is all Brutus needs to hear.

• Xena takes down one of the last guards and Callisto snaps... Gabrielle looks up as Callisto tosses the chakram with all her power towards Xena. It strikes Xena dead in the back, the chakram breaks in half  and Xena falls to the ground silently. Gabrielle stands only feet away from Xena when a guard dashes towards her with a dagger in her hand. Gabrielle grabs the spear next to him and tosses it through the air, striking and killing the soldier dead on. Xena tries to get up but can't while Gabrielle picks up Xena's sword and starts to fight off the attacking soldiers. Gabrielle screams for Xena to get up, but Xena, in total pain, says it's her spine, she is paralyzed, she can't move. Gabrielle goes into a frenzy killing guard after guard. Suddenly, as she stabs a guard twice, she drops her dagger and looks at the blood on her hand and the dead soldier on the ground. The few guards left capture them both and toss them into a cell.

• Meanwhile, in Rome, Brutus stand with the council as Caesar enters the room and declares himself Emperor. The surrounding circle of the council confine Caesar and then pull out daggers stabbing him . Caesar, in disbelief, stumbles before Brutus as realizes who the traitor is. Brutus drives the final dagger into Caesar and he dies.

• Gabrielle cradles Xena in her lap as Xena wakes up. Xena asks Gabrielle not to cry. She also apologizes for making leave her path, her way. Gabrielle says she couldn't just do nothing, she choose the path of friendship. Xena wishes she would've read one of Gabrielle's scrolls, just once. The guards quickly enter the cell and drag them both outside. Gabrielle sees Callisto standing there as they are walked through the bitter cold to the crosses lying on the ground. They are each laid upon each cross, tied to it and then nailed to it. Callisto tells Xena it's all over and Xena remind Callisto that she failed in the mission she was sent to do. Callisto is confident in the fact that Caesar will still rise to power. Xena tells Gabrielle that she is the best thing that ever happened in her life. Gabrielle tells her she loves her. The crosses go up and slowly each of them dies....

• Tiny rays of light hit their bodies and their spirits leave their corporeal forms and find each other as they fade out into the sky.....