In Sickness & In Hell 4.5 A Good Day
1st Airdate:
November 1st, 1998
Writer: Steven L. Sears
Director: Rick Jacobson
Guest Appearances:
Karl Urban ~ Julius Caesar
Jeremy Callaghan~ Pompey



• A Roman Centurion and his troops working under Julius Caesar scower a Greek village for supplies, but figure out that Pompey The Magnus & his troops already sacked the village. The Roman Centurion wants to publish the villagers, but a Greek Centurion under Caesar's army rides up and says the village is under his protection. The Roman refuses to take orders from a Greek and orders his troops to attack. But that was 'CUT SHORT' literally by a flying chakram from none other than Xena. Gabrielle joins the battle too and the Romans are driven off. The Greek Centurion, Flanikus, embraces his wife and kid, thus justifying his protection of the village.

• Xena & Flanikus discuss the fact that Caesar & Pompey have brought their civil war to Greece. Flanikus explains that he is not a traitor, he was just making money to move his family to the sea. Xena tells him that they don't want to stop their civil war, they want to encourage it.

• Xena & Gabrielle gather weapons, Centurion armor, maps of caverns & volunteers to fight. A young archer from the village, Tomekula, volunteers to fight. Xena finds out that Caesar's entire legion was here and tells the village that they must sacrifice their village, burn it to the ground, kill the cattle, poison the meat, so that there's nothing for the armies to use. The villagers comply hesitantly.

• In the Centurion armor that the villagers have, they claim a hill that everyone thought was worthless. From a distance, you can't tell if they are with Pompey or Caesar. And so the plan goes into effect. Caesar & Pompey both think the other has claimed the hill and they go their to battle. The villagers leave the hill and the two armies fight each other. Caesar notices the flag planted their, his insignia on one side, Pompeys on the other. He figures Xena's presence immediately. This incursion took Pompey's men off protection of their catapults, which the villagers stole and hid. Pompey is informed of this and by her description of fighting, also figures out about Xena.

• Xena & Flanikus sneak into Caesar's camp to evesdrop on his plans, but just before Caesar reveals the biggest part of his plan, Flanikus is brought in, captured as a traitor and sent to be killed. Xena misses Caesar's plan to rescue Flanikus and they return to camp.

• Xena sends message to meet with Pompey. Caesar hears that Pompey is making attempts at alliance with Xena. Xena talks with Gabrielle telling her about Caesar's plan she missed and about leading the battle because she won't be there, Gabrielle says she can't do it. Xena meets up with Pompey to talk, but Caesar & some men show up too. Caesar rubs it in that Xena has lost, but Xena tells him that he wanted him there, and then gives the signal to fire the catapults at their location. This causes a cave in underneath Xena, Pompey and Caesar and they all fall in.

• Gabrielle waits with the villagers in the camp while Tomekula shows up saying that the battle is already over. Gabrielle recognizes this as a trap by Caesar and runs to tell Flanikus that they can't pull out yet. Flanikus tells his troops to trust Gabrielle because now she is in charge. Gabrielle takes the troops and attacks the Centurions. Caesar's men fall back and Gabrielle realizes that she must keep them their until Pompey & his troops show up, so they keep fighting.

• Meanwhile, Xena & Pompey & Caesar are hold their own in the cavern below. Xena tells Caesar that his plans are through, but Caesar tells her her plans are also dead because her villagers are going into a trap. Xena leaves and Caesar & Pompey continue to fight.

• The battle is immense now, while Caesar & Pompey's men battle each other, with the villagers in the middle. Gabrielle watches Flanikus fight, and then turn to look at her. She watches in horror as a Centurion attacks from behind and readies to kill him. Gabrielle picks up a javelin and attempts to strike down the Centurion. But she misses and Flanikus is killed. The Centurion turns to her next, but an arrow strikes him in the chest, killing him. Gabrielle sees that the arrow was from Tomekula, the first person he killed, his blood innocence gone. Gabrielle goes to Flanikus to see if he's still alive, but he isn't. She holds him and screams. Xena comes across them after searching the battlefield and Gabrielle tells how the plan worked perfectly, almost perfectly, then she cries. Caesar & Pompey quit fighting after hearing that their armies are done. They look over the battlefield and realize that they both lost, and return to Rome.

• Funeral pyres light up the sky from the fallen villagers and Xena sings to commemorate their honor. Flanikus' wife tells Xena thank you and that she will honor her husband by telling their son he was a simple fisherman. Xena approaches Gabrielle and tries to tell her that all in all, the only thing you can pull out of this horrible day was that it was a good day in battle. It's a cold comfort to Gabrielle, but she agrees. She then decides she should talk with Tomekula to help him through this.

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