Past Imperfect 4.9 Past Imperfect
1st Airdate:
January 11th, 1999
Writer: Steven L. Sears
Director: Garth Maxwell
Guest Appearances:
Catherine Boniface~ Satrina
Marton Csokas ~ Borias
Paul Gittins ~ Kaleipus
Mark Ferguson ~ Dagnine



• The episode starts off with something Xena should've done long ago. She told Gabrielle about the vision she had of both of their deaths. Gabby refuses to believe in her vision and plans to make her own fate. Because Xena is too worried about when this vision will occur, she suggests to Gabrielle that she stays behind while she goes and tells Actus that there is an army outside it's walls ready to attack. Gabrielle points out that Xena is too paranoid and tells Xena she IS GOING!

• When they reach Actus, they find the general in charge and try to tell him of the advancing army, but before she can prove it, a fire ball strikes the city from outside it's walls and it's followed by many many more. Xena & Gabrielle gather the people and herd them to safety. But while trying to save a little girl, Xena is thrown through the air by a shockwave straight into a wall. The girl is safe, but Xena is shaken and suddenly disturbed by memories of her past.

• She flashes back to her attack on Corinth in search for the Ixion stone. Borias & Dagnun were both at her side while she attacked Corinth with fire balls from catapults just like the attack on Actus. Xena & Borias argue because Xena doesn't want Corinth, she wants the power Alti promised her, the Ixion stone.

• After getting everyone to safety after the barrage, Xena tells Gabrielle about her flashback and tells her more. She remembers after her attack on Corinth, she was in pain and getting massaged by her slave, Sitrina. Borias entered the tent and argues about Xena's intentions. Xena wants power, but Borias isn't after that anymore. He wants only the safety of his child Xena carries. He tells how they should make the Centaurs their ally, not their enemy. After he leaves, Sitrina tells Xena about her former master, Darius, and how he allowed poisoned grain to be captured by the city while they dug under the city walls and collapsed them, then attacked the city. Xena didn't care for the digging part because she was digging for the Ixion stone, but she did like the poisoned grain part.

• In the present, Xena leads the army after finding out the general died during the barrage. She tries to keep Gabrielle in the hospital where it is safe, but again Gabrielle argues and refuses. Xena realizes that the grain has been poisoned and that her actions from Corinth are definitely being duplicated. She has the grain locked up while they check on the dam and the water supply.  They reach the dam to knock it down when Xena has another flashback. She remembers standing at the bank of the river flowing directlly into Corinth. She decides to kill the patrol of the soldiers of Corinth and the couple Centaurs, but Borias allows the Centaurs to leave with a message for Kaliepus to meet for a truce. Xena has the soldiers killed and dumped into the river to warn the Corinthians. When the flashback passes, Xena realizes the dam was a trap and fights back as soldiers rise from the river attacking them. During the attack, Xena sees a mountian on the horizon, the same mountain from her vision of death. They defeat the soldiers and return to Actus.

• In another flashback, Xena has pains from the child she carries. Borias talks with Xena when Dagnun comes in. He brings them out to see Kaliepus and another Centaur tied up. Borias is furious, but Xena admits that her army is much bigger than his and she would rather be at war with the Centaurs. She orders them killed, but Borias interferes and frees them. They fight off Xena's men, but not beforeXena whips a dagger a Kalipus, taking out an eye. Kalipus takes Borias and they ride off. As they do, Xena vows to Crucify them All!!!

• Xena realizes that whoever is miroring this attack knows her too well. Later that night, soldiers are seen digging under the walls of Actus. They carry off the dirt as Xena walks into the tunnel. She is hit but a poisoned dart. When she smells the dart, she's reminded of when she was going to give birth and in much pain, Sitrina gave her an herb that would numb her body and her pain. This same herb was on the dart and Xena spins around to see Sitrina, the warrior who now imitates Xena! She plans on doing what her mate Darius started, but collapsing the walls from underneath.

• After Xena collapses from the herb, she asks Sitrina why and how. Sitrina says the how is easy. She stayed as Xena's slave to learn from the best. She also admitted that Damius wasn't her master, but her lover, who Xena killed. She then admits that she couldn't allow Borias to see Xena while she was giving birth, or ever again. In another flashback, Borias enters Xena's tent as his men attack the camp. Xena is incompacitated by the herb as Borias tells her he's there to take her and his son away from this life of war. He goes to a carriage and found out by Sitrina. He tells her he's here to take Xena and she agrees to help him. But when he turns away, she stabs him in the leg. She admits she can't have Borias taking Xena away, because then she won't be able to learn from her. She yells for Dagnun and they sword fight while Sitrina helps give birth to Xena's baby. Xena screams for Borias as Dagnun defeats him in battle and kills him. Sitrina gives Xena some root to bite on to fend off the herb so she can walk. They leave the tent with the baby and get on the carriage. As they leave, Xena sees Borias lying dead in the camp as Kalipus watches from the hilltop.

• That was all Xena needed to hear. She had taken some of the root before entering the cavern, so they dart never did anything to her. She wraps a rope around Sitrina's neck and is ready to kill her for killing Borias and the possible life he and Solan could've had. But she refuses to taint Borias's memory that way. Sitrina yells for her soldiers while the soldiers of Actus dug through the other side. They fight as Sitrina readies to pull down one beam that will cause them all to fall because they are tied together. Xena cuts the rope with her chakram as Sitrina pulls the one beam and it apparently falls on her.

• Sitrina's army quickly dicipates while Xena & Gabrielle sit by the campfire. Xena finishes the story of Borias. She had asked Kalipus to care for Solan because she and Borias knew she could never do him any good. He agreed and Xena left crying.

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