5.9 Hercules: For Those Of You Just Joining Us... 5.9 Hercules: For Those Of You Just Joining Us...
1st Airdate:
January 11th, 1999
Director: Bruce Campbell
Guest Appearances:
Kevin Sorbo ~ Kevin Sorbo/Hercules
Renee O'Connor ~ Sunny Day, camp counselor
Bruce Campbell ~ Rob Tapert, executive producer
Kevin Smith ~ Jerry Patrick Brown, head writer/Ares
Hudson Leick ~ Liz Friedman, producer
Michael Hurst ~ Paul Robert Coyle, writer
Robert Trebor ~ B.S. Hollingfoffer, studio head
Tamara ~Gorski Norma Bates
Lisa Chappell ~ Melissa Blake, Tapert's assistant



A Sequel to "Yes ,Virginia, There Is A Hercules"

• We start in BS Hollingfoffer's office with Rob Tapert sitting with him talking about a recent episode of Hercules where a giant chicken attacks Iolaus and Autolycus. BS exclaims how ludicrous storylines are and demands Rob do something about it. Outside the office, Liz & Melissa await Rob's answer to the problem.

• We are suddenly in a red car with Kevin Sorbo driving. Of course, he is really Hercules pretending to be Kevin, so it goes as Ares, his brother appears in the passenger seat biting off the head of a Hercules action figure. He tells Kevin he should get marketing rights and Kevin boots him out of the car.

• At the studio, Jerry and Paul, the writers, show up at Rob's request, packed and ready to go. Rob shows up telling them all they are going on a retreat to learn to work together better. Melissa pulls up in a van/bus.

• They arrive at Camp Wannachuck where Sunny Day (Renee!) greets them as the camp counselor. She also introduces the camp cook, Norma Bates!!!

Sunny's first test is one of trust and Rob is expected to be caught when he falls by his co-workers. They of course drop him and a battle almost ensues, but Sunny stops it. Rob comes up with the idea of killing Iolaus off just as Kevin Sorbo shows up. He mentions how Iolaus lived to be 100. But if they were going to kill him, how about by sacrificing himself for Nebula! They all cry at the story, but love it.

• They all go eat, but an interlude shows us someone pouring poison in the stew. As they are all served, Kevin (aka Hercules) hits the table and it collapses, spilling all the stew.

• The next scene is a sauna, where everyone sits in a towel, except Liz, and Kevin comes up with more storylines for the show, like Hercules going to Ireland and the Norse Land to find himself. A noise is at the door and they realize someone has locked them in. But when Kevin tells them all to look away at Mel Tomei, they do and he knocks the door down.

• As they sit around the campfire, Kevin tells more of the Norse Gods and Thor and Balder and Morrigan. When they decided that they have what they need and are ready to leave, Sunny pulls a gun out planning to kill them all.

• Sunny takes them all to a cave to kill them, but before she does, Kevin tells of his last idea about someone they know betraying him. He suggests they have Dahak use Iolaus' body for a host and attack Hercules. They love it, but Sunny reminds them they have seconds to live. Lightning strikes and Norma Bates enters the cave and grabs Sunny. A bullet is shot off and a beam is struck, causing a partial cavein. Kevin holds up the beam and barracades it up. In the meantime, he goes up to Sunny and takes off her wig. She was really BS Hollingfoffer. He wanted them all dead so he could get his own network promised by ARES!

• The real Ares arrives and yells at BS. Everyone else watches in shock, then Ares disappears. Norma reveals herself to be studio security. As they take  BS away, Paul surmises that if there really is a God of War, there really must be a Hercules. They all look at Kevin, but he says "Hey, I'm just an actor!"

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