5.1 Fallen Angel
1st Airdate:
October 3rd, 1999
Writer:  Robert Tapert and R.J. Stewart 
Director: John Fawcett 
Guest Appearances:
Ted Raimi ~ Joxer
Hudson Leick ~ Callisto
Jennifer Sky ~ Amarice
Tim Omundson ~ Eli
Charles Mesure ~ Archangel Michael
Episode Disclaimer
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


Joxer is finding his way up a snowy mountain when he is kicked in the face and falls backward. Amarice puts a sword to his chest and calls him a Roman. Joxer says he's a friend of Xena & Gabby's and he's had bad dreams that something awful his happened to them. Amarice shows Joxer both crucifixes. Joker drops to his knees in horror as Eli approaches to comfort him. Joxer says he'll take them back to Greece to be buried with or without their help.

We get a closeup look of Xena hanging on the cross, then we shoot straight up into the sky and falling snow where we find Xena and Gabrielle's spirits awaiting on a precipice. A light fills the sky and then breaks into thousands of angels. Two come down and carry Gabrielle up. Two more take Xena. They both embrace the warmth and they fly toward the gate to heaven. Suddenly one of the angels, Leef, sees the demons approaching. But it's too late. They attack the angels, making them drop both Xena and Gabrielle. Xena tries to reach Gabrielle, but she's grabbed by the throat by one of the demons as Gabrielle vanishes into the darkness. Xena looks up and sees the transformed face of Callisto!

Xena and Callisto start to fight and Xena breaks free and lands on the side of a cliff. She tries to hold on, but can't and starts to fall. Suddenly a hand comes from nowhere and saves her. He's a black winged angel. Two other angels attack Callisto and she fights them, but Xena and her savior get away as Callisto screams.

 Michael is the archangel who saved Xena. He tells her that Gabrielle has been taken to Hell. He says there is a war going on in Eternity after on of the angels was exiled. Every since they've been trying to take Paradise. Xena wants to save Gabrielle, but Michael tells her there is no way. Xena decides otherwise and jumps into the darkness. Michael stops her and returns her to the flat. He says that if you go to hell voluntarily you'll be damned forever and will be tempted to become a demon by eating the fruit of hell. Xena can't let Gabrielle walk through hell alone.

Gabrielle wakes up thinking she's next to Xena. Instead Callisto says good morning sweetie. Gabrielle jumps up as Callisto tells her she'll enjoy torturing her for eternity. Gabrielle has hope that Xena was not let that happen. Gabby sees fruit and drink awaiting her, with Callisto pushing her towards it. Gabrielle realizes she'll become like Callisto if she eats it and refuses.

While their bodies continue to hang on the crosses, the two Roman guards are killed instantly by Amarice as Eli and Joxer follow her. They carefully take the nails out and lower their bodies down. Joxer can't do this without crying. 

In order to become an archangel, Xena must walk through a cave and make a choice. Xena enters and finds two directions, one of pure fire, and the other of falling water. Michael worries that it is taking longer than normal, but then turns to see Xena come out with wings of fire. He explains that she has went through the fire of purification and now she must be cleansed. She enters the water, and then raises out of the water an archangel!

Amarice takes a lock of Xena's hair and ties it to her costume. She vows to Xena that she will carry on in her place. Joxer and Eli agree that Xena would've liked that, but Amarice blows up at Eli. She blames him for their death because he made Gabrielle lose her warrior spirit, go the way of love, and slow them down just enough to get them killed. Eli leaves the trio....

Michael warns Xena that she has been purified and filled with compassion and she may be tempted to save Gabrielle. But the only way to do that is to take on her guilt yourself and give her your light, thus becoming a demon yourself. He asks that she allow them to try to save her first.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle still refuses to eat the fruit, but Callisto doesn't wait any longer. She has the other demons force feed her. Callisto is in ecstasy, until a partially transformed demon Gabrielle turns to Callisto and asks her if she could hear and smell her burning family. She thinks Callisto wanted it to happen so she'd have a reason to be a bitch. Callisto attacks her, but they both look up to see the Archangels coming.

The battle ensues, demon vs. angel. Michael gets into position to take Gabrielle while Xena fights Callisto. Michael escapes as Xena chops off one of Callisto's wings. She turns her over and sees a crying Callisto full of fury. Callisto vows that she will never stop hating Xena and will seek revenge for eternity. Xena looks at her with so much compassion and softly whispers no. She touches Callisto on her chest and they are engulfed in a pure light....

Gabrielle is thrown into the holy water and is cleansed of her partial demonality. She asks for Xena and Michael explains that Xena gave herself up to save one of the damned.  Michael will show her who once she is dry.

Down below in hell's pits, the newly transformed demon Xena rallies the troops to attack Paradise above. 

Michael takes Gabrielle to a beautiful young blond spirit ... except for the fact that she is Callisto. Her appearance is different, much softer, prettier and with long hair. Gabrielle is furious that Callisto is in heaven and Xena is in hell. She asks if this is considered justice, Michael tells her Xena thought so. Callisto tries to approach Gabrielle, but Gabrielle tells her she is a murderer of hundreds, including Perdicus. Callisto has no memory of that and feels guilt. 

Joxer and Amarice have hidden the two bodies, but they realize they'll never reach Greece and decide to bury them here. Amarice worries about Eli.

Michael tells Gabrielle that there is no way to save Xena, the only way to even stop her is to chop her up for eternity. Gabrielle enters the same cave Xena did to become an archangel, but inside she finds the purified Callisto. Gabrielle thinks it's a trick and can't believe she is different. Callisto herself is confused by the compassion shown to her, but then Gabrielle realizes that it was the guilt Xena had about her parents that made her do this. Callisto remembers the love of her family more than anything and apologizes to Gabrielle and Gabrielle apologizes to her. Callisto approaches her and wipes her tears away.

Gabby's forgiveness was her choice and now she too is an archangel. She agrees to lure Xena away long enough for the others to attack. When the demons attack, Xena sees Gabrielle and flies to her. She tries to convince Gabrielle to join her, reminding her that they are to spend eternity together, their lives forever intertwined. Gabrielle refuses to join her and the archangels attack. Xena cuts off one of their wings and Michael battles her next. The battle is then engulfed by the other demons and angels as Callisto watches from the shadows.

Eli sits outside, upset that he may have caused their deaths. He questions his faith and doesn't understand why he has been given this power to heal if he can't even save his friends. As Callisto watches the battle, she also can hear Eli. She appears to him as an angel and tells him love is the way and to go to them. Eli goes to their bodies, uncovers their faces and places his hands over their heads.

Gabrielle has led Xena away from the battle to the sky. They fight in mid-air, but eventually Gabrielle loses and falls during the battle with a wing cut off. Xena lands next to her, picks her up and carries her to the precipice to jump back into Hell. Michael screams no and tackles them both off the edge.

Callisto helps Eli heal Xena and Gabrielle's bodies. As Michael, Gabrielle and Xena fall toward Hell, they vanish into thin air and both Xena and Gabrielle are resurrected by Eli & Callisto (who is unseen by everyone). Amarice, Eli and Joxer are in awe as Xena and Gabrielle try to understand everything that has happened. Both Michael and Callisto watch over them. Michael nods to Callisto and Callisto steps forward and touches Xena. Xena can feel the touch, but doesn't know who it is. Joxer looks at Gabby and smiles.... the end...

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