5.12 God Fearing Child
1st Airdate:
February 6th, 2000
Writer:  Chris Manheim 
Director: Phil Sgriccia 
Guest Appearances:
Kevin Sorbo ~ Hercules
Kevin Smith ~ Ares
Charles Keating ~ Zeus
Meg Foster ~ Hera
Nicko Vella ~ Solan
Episode Disclaimer:

Zeus cashed in his chips during the production of this motion picture



In the temple of the Fates, Zeus and Hera listen as the Fates tell them that their time of ruling over humanity will soon come to an end. One of the Fates continues to tell them that the Twilight on the Gods will begin when a child who is not begotten by man is born. Zeus listens as they tell him the news and then informs them and Hera that he will stop this from coming true. Meanwhile, Having received news about Xena's pregnancy, Hercules finds her and Gabby. He congratulates her and offers gifts for the child. As they reunite with Hercules they are attached by Proxidicae, soldiers of Zeus' secret guard. Xena, Hercules and Gabrielle temporarily ward off the attackers, but Xena knows that Zeus won't be so easily defeated. Hercules tells them that the Proxidicae will not stop until they accomplish their mission. As Xena and Gabby go to Tartarus to get Hades' helmet of invisibility, Hercules heads out to find Zeus. It is his hope that he can talk Zeus out of this crazy crusade he has begun against Xena. As they go their separate ways, Hercules tells Xena that regardless of what happens during his talk with Zeus, he will do what ever needs to be done to protect her child. 

Xena and Gabby arrive at the river where they can enter Tartarus. Xena worries that she won't be able to protect her child just as she was unable to protect her son Solan. Gabby listens to Xena and then tells her that they will protect the baby together. This time things will be different. they will both dedicate their lives to the baby. After a few more well placed words, Xena agrees with Gabby that together they can do this. The two then walk into the river and prepare for their journey to Tartarus. 

Hercules arrives at one of Zeus' temples and angrily confronts Zeus and Hera. As Zeus tries to appeal to Hercules his son lets them know that he will do everything in his power to protect Xena and her unborn baby. Zeus takes Hercules challenge and tells him that nothing will stop him from killing the child even if it means the death of his own son. With Zeus's threat, Hercules tells his father that he is no longer his son and he leaves the temple to find Chronos' rib, which can be used to kill a God. Hera tries ti talk her husband out of this foolish quest but Zeus will not listen to reason. With his mind made up Hera leaves to make some decisions of her own. 

Meanwhile, Xena and Gabrielle arrive in Tartarus and are shocked to find Solan as a prisoner in the underworld's cavern of eternal memory. Xena releases him from the cocoon he has been placed in and asks him why he is there. He tells them he chose to be there so that he could watch the life he led with his mother rather than live in the Elysian Fields where he would forget about her. Xena explains to Solan that she cannot let him stay there and as soon as they get what they came for she will take him to the Elysian Fields. The three set out to find the helmet. As they search the underworld they are forced to take several different paths to avoid the Proxidicae. Zeus send for Ares, who arrives at his fathers temple a bit confused as to why his father has requested him. Zeus begins to tell him oof his plan to kill Xena and her baby and asks him to keep Hercules out of the way so that he do it. At first Ares is unwilling to do this. He tells Zeus that he will not lose Xena and gain nothing for it. Finally Ares agrees to deal with his brother as long as he can get rid of him permanently. Knowing that Hercules' Death maybe the only way to prevent him from trying to interfere, Zeus agrees to Ares demands. 

Xena, Gabby and Solan arrive in Hades' throne room only to find Hades waiting with the Proxidicae. Xena questions Hades as to what he is doing. He tells Xena he cannot allow her baby to bring about the end of the Olympian order and offers to spare Gabrielle and take Solan to the Elysian Fields if Xena surrenders. Not willing to give up after coming this far and not willing to make any deal, Xena takes on the Proxidicae as Gabrielle grabs the helmet of invisibility. With the battle going poorly Gabby puts the helmet on and takes on the Proxidicae which allows Solan and Xena to escape. Ares meets up with Hercules and tells him that Zeus has decided to turn the other way and not interfere while Ares kills him. Just as Ares attacks Hercules, Hera appears and knocks Ares unconscious. Hercules is suspicious of Hera's aid until she tells him she knows what he is looking for and offers to lead him to Chronos' rib. Reluctant as to what her real intentions are, he agrees to let her lead him to the rib. As they travel, Hera explains to him that she wants to save humanity and she wants to make peace with him. 

Gabrielle catches up with Xena and Solan just as Xena starts to go into labor. They are just a few feet from the Elysian Fields. As Xena prepares to send Solan to the fields Hades and his guards arrive. He makes one more attempt to make a deal with Xena but warns her that no matter what she is not leaving Tartarus Xena gives the helmet to Solan and instructs him to run to the gate of the Elysian Fields. Just before he does he whispers something into Xena's ear. Xena and Gabrielle temporarily thwart Hades and the Proxidicae, giving Solan a chance to get into the fields. Xena says good-bye to Solan for the last time. Hera leads Hercules to the cavern where Chronos is buried. As they enter he tells her that although he can never forgive her for destroying his family, he appreciates the danger she has put herself in to help him. Having discovered that Ares has failed and that his own wife has turned against him, Zeus arrives at the tomb and confront Hercules and Hera. All seems lost now but as Zeus prepares to attack Hercules, Hera steps in to defend him and released a ball of energy that knocks Zeus off his feet. With the King of Gods momentarily down, Hera tells Herc to go find Xena and she will take care of Zeus.

Meanwhile, Ares confronts Xena, and confesses his love for her. He explains to her that if he is to become mortal then he wants to spend the rest of his days with her. Xena doesn't believe him and leaves the God alone in the underworld. Gabby meets up with Xena and they return to the mortal world. Back in the cavern containing Chronos' remains, Furious with her betrayal, Zeus kills his wife. As Xena and Gabby return, Xena finds that the labor pains are coming quickly and she knows the birth is about to begin. Another painful contraction causes Xena and Gabrielle to stop at some ruins to deliver the baby. Hercules arrives at the ruins followed by Zeus. In order to protect Xena, Hercules is forced into a ruthless battle with Zeus. As the battles goes on, Xena gives birth. Hercules seems to be losing badly and with a final blow Zeus is able to get past him. He makes his way to Xena and Gabby but before he can make the killing blow, Hercules grabs him and plunges the rib into his chest. As Zeus dies, Xena cradles her new daughter. With the battle over and the baby born Hercules joins his friends and Xena tells them that Solan named the baby Eve. 

Synopsis by Todd Allen Hamilton

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