Amphipolis Under Seige 5.14 Amphipolis Under Seige  
1st Airdate:
February 28th, 2000 
Chris Black 
Mark Beesley 
Guest Appearances:
Kevin Smith ~ Ares 
Paris Jefferson ~ Athena 
Darien Takle ~ Cyrene 
Musetta Vander ~ Ilainus 
Renee Kelly ~ Archer
Episode Disclaimer:

Post Production was under siege during the production of this motion picture


As a group of men stand watch over the border of Amphipolis a group of female warriors arrive and begin to attack them Xena and Gabrielle arrive just in time to stop the attack and to save the men. One of the female warriors challanges Xena and she accpets. The two have a small private fight in which Xena teaches her a lesson. Wounded and embarassed the warrior orders off the attack and the women leave. Xena instantly blames Ares, but he tells her that his siter Athena, is also afraid of the Twilight of the Gods, and it is her soldiers that attacked. Xena realizes that Athena sent the soldiers there to get her attention and that Athena plans to attack Amphipolis as a means to get Xena and Eve. Concerned for Amphipolis' safety, Xena and Gabrielle ride into town, unaware they are being surrounded by Athena's warriors. Xena finds her mother Cyrene, and tries to convince her to leave town. Cyrene will have nothing to do with this plan and informs Xena that she will not go. She then takes Eve and settles into her role as Grandmother.

Amussed by the current situation, Ares offers to assist Athena, but she declines his help. Athena is well aware of Ares love for Xena and knows of his attempt to make a deal with her against the Gods. She offers him a warning and then prepares her next move against Xena. Back at the town, Xena and Gabrielle gather the villagers to explain what Athena is doing and to give them the choice to leave or fight. Athena arrives and demands that Xena hand over the baby. Xena refuses. Athena then turns to the villagers and explains that she does care about them and their saftey. She tells them that she has protected them for years and does not want to see them harmed. Suddenly from the back of the room Cyrene speaks out against Athena. She tells the Goddess that she has already lost one grandchild and will not lose another. As Athena continues to address the villagers, Cyrene begins to sing and soon all the villagers join her. Finally the sound of their song drowns out Athena's voice. Angered by this batrayl Athena vanishes.

The battle has begun. Athena's army begins to move in on Amphipolis. While Gabrielle and some villagers lead a frontal attack, Xena leads another group through underground tunnels. As Athena and her Gerenral, Ilainus, evaluate the villagers attack and Xena's abcence they realizing Xena is using the tunnels under the city to seek up behind her army. Athena sends Ilainus and a small group of warriors to seal off the tunnels with Greek Fire. As Xena and the villagers aproach the last part of the Tunnel Athena's soldiers appear and block the way. At first Xena seems to dismiss their presence and press on but as soon as she sees the Greek Fire she orders the villagers to retreat. Ilainus sets off an explossion that begins to rip aprt the tunnel. With flames threatening to engulf her, Xena runs as fast as she can trying to escape the blast. As the deathly fire catches up with her, Xena uses her chakram to collapse the tunnel and divert the Greek Fire out into he battlefield. The sudden explossions from the underground take out several of Athena's soldiers which leads Gabby her men to have a momentary victory.

Athena returns to the town and confronts Xena about the battle. She tells Xena that she is not unsypathetic tothe loss of her child but they can end this now with no more blood shed. Xena refusses to allow her child to be slaughtered and informs Athena that she is deeply disappointed in the Goddess. It turns out that Athena was the only God that Xena related to or even respected but in light of all that has now happened she no longer feels that way. Suprised by this news, Athena makes one last attempt to convince Xena to give up the child but is rejected again. Wounded and angry, Athena leaves as she tells Xena that she has poisoned the towns water supply.

Xena soo realizes that they're losing the battle and there is no way they can win. Desperate to save her child and the villagers she calls on Ares to help her defeat Athena. Ares, who had previously offered to fight with Xena if she gave him a child, appears and listens to Xena's offer. She tells him that if he helps her then she will give him what he wants. She will spend her life with him and they can raise Eve as though she was his. Ares is skeptical of Xena's sudden change of heart and disappears. Meanwhile, over hearing a villager talk about giving Eve to Athena, Gabrielle gives a pep talk to villagers and explains they aren't just fighting for Xena, they're fighting for their freedom from the gods. She questions if any of them would be willing to give up their child to the Gods. The villagers agree with her and return to there devotion to protecting the village and Eve. Ares appears after Gabby calls to him. Gabrielle offers herself in place of Xena, which leads him to believe Xena's offer is genuine. As ares makes it clear that he will take Xena up on her offer, Gabby tries to explain to him that this will destroy her life.

Ares tries to reason with Athena and offers to take Xena and Eve away. Athena rejects his offer and Ares returns to his temple to find Xena seductively waiting for him. She is spread out on a couch and is covered only in a furry blanket. With a soft smile she questions Ares as to if they are going to close their deal. Ares grins and quickly begins to undo his vest as he moves to her. The two begin to kiss and Xena asks for Ares' word in keeping his half of the bargain. Ares agrees, and as things start to get heavy between them, the wall of the temple explodes interrupting them. Cyrene emerges from the rubble to inform Xena that Gabrielle has launched another attack on Athena's army. Ares offers to take Xena away but she declines. Xena realizes that Gabby will need help with the final attack against Athena's army and she grabs her clothes. Ares tries again to convince Xena to stay and let Gabby handle the war but Xena tells him that she has to go and do things her way.

As the battle wages on Xena rushes to the battle site and offers to surrender her daughter. Gabby tries to stop her but Xena asks Gabby to let her do this and explains that it is the only way. Just as Athena is about to kill Eve, Ares arrives and begins to fight Athena. Seeing Ares come to Eve rescue sparks hope in Xena, Gabby, and the villagers. They begin to attack Athena's warriors again. Xena takes on Ilainus and kills her while Gabrielle and the villagers force Athena's army to retreat. Athena ends her battle with Ares as she watches her General and companion die. Stricken with great sadness she runs to Ilainus' side. Every one watches as Athena asks Ares what has he done, she then disappears with Ilainus' body. With the battle over, Ares wishes to pick up where he left off with Xena. But Xena quickly reveals that he never really saved Eve and so their agreement is not valid. It turns out that Gabby and Xena had tricked him into joining the battle and the baby she was going to let Athena kill was actually a doll wrapped in a blanket. Frustrated, Ares vanishes and Xena and Gabrielle admit to Cyrene they had set him up from the beginning. Gabby questions Xena as to how far she had gone with Ares and Xena admits that she did feel something for him for a moment, a little something.

Synopsis by Todd Allen Hamilton

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