5.16 Kindred Spirits 
1st Airdate:
March 27th, 2000 
 Geirge Strayton/Tom O'Neill 
Josh Becker 
Guest Appearances:

Ted Raimi ~ Joxer
Morgan Reese Fairhead ~ Eris
Joy Van Uden ~ Rhea
Shelley Edwards ~ Cyane
Episode Disclaimer:

Many Cinnamon Swirls lost their lives in the making of Gabrielle's Headdress.


LOG LINE:  Joxer breaks Amazon laws that force Queen Gabrielle to choose between settling down in the Amazon village and life on the road with Xena.


This summary is from the Official Xena Webpage

Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) contemplates remaining Queen of the Amazons and asks Xena (Lucy Lawless) to settle down with her in the Amazon Village. Meanwhile, Joxer (Ted Raimi) is caught peeking at a group of bathing Amazons and is brought before Gabrielle to face punishment. Xena and Gabrielle pretend not to know him and Joxer is put into the stocks to await judgment. Later, Xena and Gabrielle give sex advice to Rhea (Joy Van Uden) and Eris (Morgan Reese Fairhead) and announce they are considering staying, which disturbs Cyane (Shelley Edwards), who would be Queen if Gabrielle left. Gabrielle attends to her duties and Xena enlists the help of Eris, who wishes to be Xena's new sidekick, to turn a decrepit hut into a home. 

Gabrielle tries to release Joxer, but Cyane insists that she follow the Amazon code, which says the punishment for spying is the loss of an eye. Gabrielle seeks Xena's advice and is so impressed with Xena's home improvements that she becomes more committed than ever to stay and work things out. Meanwhile, Rhea visits Joxer in the stocks and asks if she can have his baby. Joxer surpresses his desires and refuses. Later, Eris asks Xena to be in Gabrielle's coronation dance. Xena reluctantly agrees, but changes her mind when Gabrielle appears. She confesses that she's not happy in the village and wishes to go away with Eve for awhile. 

Gabrielle is disturbed about her impending separation from Xena, but she searches the Amazon scrolls for a loophole to save Joxer. She finds she can pardon him for a first offense if he pledges his allegiance to her. Later, Gabrielle is swept off to a full moon ceremony where she must dance naked and howl like a wolf. Meanwhile, Xena packs her belongings and tells Eris she cannot be her sidekick. Joxer declares his allegiance to Gabrielle, but remains incarcerated. Rhea secretly frees Joxer and takes him to a secluded spot to make love. Joxer tries to convince her to wait for the right man, but she persists and the two end up kissing. Cyane reluctantly agrees to free Joxer until she finds him committing a much graver crime -- kissing an Amazon within the village. Gabrielle is shocked to learn that the punishment is to have the perpetrator engage the Queen of the Amazons in a fight to the death! 

Having read Gabrielle's scrolls, Xena knows that she can fight Joxer in Gabrielle's place. An age-old provision states that the Queen can appoint a champion to fight for her. In a ceremonial cave, Xena pinches a series of Joxer's nerves until Cyane declares him dead. Xena then releases her pinches and restores Joxer's heart beat. Cyane protests Xena's trick, but Gabrielle states the laws should be changed when they make someone die for a kiss. Cyane apologizes and requests to leave the tribe, but Gabrielle announces that she will be leaving with Xena and that Cyane will become the new Queen of the Amazons.

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